Vogue Ball: April In Paris

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Kaiku is having a guest DJ all the way from Paris: Teki Latex! He will be playing the whole night 01.30-3.30 in Kaiku after the Ball. With this French connection we are celebrating with the theme April in Paris!

Runway: Paris is full of art. Find your inspiration in Louvre, Musèe d’Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou, Espace Dali or any other of the great museums in Paris and show your art in your walk.

Baby Vogue: If this is your first time competing in voguing, this is your category! You are on your way from the fashion show to the Parisien Café. Show us your Parisian style voguing down the Boulevard.

New Way: Paris is famous for its architecture. Show us your linear structure and all the possible ways of being creative in different forms. Are you going to imitate The Eiffel Tower or is it you who is gonna be The Arc de Triomphe?

Best dressed: In the streets of Paris you will see the greatest sneakers of them all! Show us your club wear and that pair of sneakers to remember. Category will be judged by our honorable guest from Paris Teki Latex.

Best Drag: Paris is the City of Light! Shine your special light in your way! This is for you, queens and kings.

Femme: Paris is blooming in April! Show us your flower power in fashionable way and bloom on the dance floor femme style!

People who walk will show themselves to judges, who will give the person "tens" if the person continues. If not, you have made a statement and we are so very proud of you ❤!!! All the people who stay on stage will battle in Ballroom style, so they perform two/three at the same time. If you don't know how to perform in your category, do not hesitate to ask. We hope that we have many newcomers in this Ball.

Welcome to participate and/or watch, you will enjoy the evening!

Roza Coco Ninja, Jenni Witikkala, Ofimja, Teki Latex Ninja

Teki Latex (The House of Ninja, Paris)
Esgrove (Ruff Cut, Bassoradio)

After the Ball Teki Latex will be playing the whole night long until 04:00.

19-22 5 €+door
22-23 7€+door
23->13 €+door

Age limit 20 yrs