Silo404 Presents: Cancelled: pub sound system is gone.

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Pub Pete, Helsinki   Show map

Cancelled as Pub Pete failed to provide a working sound system.
Their existing sound system has either been stolen or given away or dismantled. They over a month to get their sound system working.

Luckily, They say it is not their fault. Other bands have hurt their sound system.

Very sorry to all who said they would come we would assured their system would work.

18.02.2017 8pm-4am
Pete Bar, Side Club
Hietaniemenkatu 7
00100, Helsinki
FREE ENTRY + €3 Eteispalvelumaksu/cloakroom

Hey people - we ask you kindly - only buy your drinks from the bar in the SIDE CLUB area. This would help immensely. Thank you.



Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Beef Records/Headfirst Bristol/Sound2020/199Radio)

Medallion Man is co-founder and resident of Loose Lips and assistant label manager/head of publishing at the established label, 2020Vision recordings.
He started playing on the radio, developing a unique take on experimental and electronic music.
Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, he regularly offers listeners 2 hours of varied sounds.
His current project is with Music Box Radio, in which his Loose Lips show invites artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis.
He plays regularly around the UK and Europe, maintaining a regular presence at South West parties.
Expect eclectic sets, excitingly switching the tempo and genres.

T-Scale (Loose Lips/Black Leather/Reposition/199Radio)

T-Scale comes from Liege, Belgium, where he started experimenting with audio editors and sequencers since his early teens.
He's been active on the local scene since 98, involved with several collectives and with the now- defunct Industrial-Bass Music band, Urban Toonz.
During those years, he played alongside internationally acclaimed DJs and live acts such as Murderbot, Ital Tek, Subjex, Exillon, Milanese, Boxcutter, Noize Creator and more.
Now based in London, Jef is still pushing his sound forward: in his quest of physically impossible sonorities, he spent the past 6 months developing a performance tool which gives him the ability to sculpt sounds on the go.
He likes to describe his music as Industropical and Funkyndustrial.
His first vinyl release, on new label ‘Reposition’, will be dropping Q1 2017.


Timo Tuhkanen:

is a composer, poet, editor, and plastic artist. Timo has, among others, worked with the London Sinfonietta participating in the Culture Collective project, Mira Calix, Peter Wiegold, Katie Keeble, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Colin Holter, PINK TWINS, Egle Oddo, and Andrew Bentley. His music has been described as non-visual musical terrorism, and a concert-goer described his solo performance SPEL as "better then taking magic-mushrooms"

Housemaid and The Fear

Housemaid and The Fear was born out of the Monday after and the Wednesday just before. When everything is at its most grey and the only thing one can do to escape the blare of thinking is to clean the house. The housemaid hurrying about tidying, followed always by The Fear.

Biological Speculation:
Based in Helsinki, Housemaid and The Fear are patched over from: Ireland, Finland and

A gestalt spread over a number of countries. Attendance and action is dependent on whom is present in any one country.

Comprised of:
Four or five terrified individuals, depending the time of day and access to a network terminal. Mostly four. Though often Three. Then five. Then four. Stay in school.

Just trash from the Robot Wars...

In a collaboration with Scottish artist Cranko Pop, Housemaid and The Fear recently had a track of experimental techno and spoken word played as part of Prof. Christopher Morash's "The Event and its Frame" at MUI's The Great Famine and its Impacts: Visual and Material Culture conference held Maynooth University, Ireland, 14-16 March 2016.

These tracks and the full length version of Prof. Morash's keynote can be heard at

Further Information


In October of 2014 an assorted collective of DJs, artists and MCs was born, sourced from various locations and musical scenes. Our name: Loose Lips, our mission: diversity. The group includes resident DJs DanBe, Juggins, DJ Kenny Mulligan, Paxman, Medallion Man, Rommek, T-Scale & William; and also contains resident MCs, SWMS, who add vocal elements to any of our projects which involve spoken word, hip-hop or grime. It also contains a number of illustrators, writers, photographers and documentary makers who contribute to the breadth of our output.

Like a lot of start-up promoters, we were fed up with the bookings we were getting and the predictable nature of a lot of London’s events. It felt like our passion needed to be self-pursued, as opposed to trying to match someone else’s image. We wanted to start an event that reflected our broad tastes, showcasing connections between sound, bringing different crowds together, whilst maintaining a focus on quality. By appealing to people with eclectic tastes, we aimed to fight against the notion that to be successful and marketable, complete musical definition is required.

What started as an event grew rapidly in a much more wide-ranging mission, allowing the message to be passed on via an array of projects - events across the UK, our weekly mix series, our weekly radio show on Music Box Radio (Mondays 5-7pm), our label and our growing amount of written/visual content.

Charity has also become a major part of our output with a recent day party, compilation album, and all-day live stream, all worked for in aid of the hugely important work at The Refugee Community Kitchen.

The project is ever expanding and has become the full-time obsession of everyone involved. With a growing team of talented creatives and a bustling website, we hope to continue maturing into a multi-media platform, with a reputation for charity, diversity and the sharing of high quality musical content.


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