Soundnation Resident Night

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Leipätehdas / DOM Munkhaus, Vaasa   Show map

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Resident Night

Welcome to our first Soundnation event of the year.
It's about time we got the bass pumping once again at Leipätehdas.
This night the lineup consists of our residents. So be prepared to get in the mood by PTLs grovy tunes, your pulse going by Carl Martins pounding beats, your feet stomping by FredDyJs pumping bass and finally some all out mayhem from YAMI.
So come down to Leipätehdas, dance all night of and show your local djs some support!


22:00 PTL

23:30 Carl Martin

01:00 FredDyJ

02:30 YAMI

Time: 22:00-03:30
Entry fee 8€ / Students 5€