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Pienen tauon jälkeen Club Duuni palaa Jyväskylän yöelämään entistä ehompana. Tällä kertaa housen ja teknon ystäville on luvassa kattaus valikoituja herkkuja Ilokiven alakerrassa.

Illan DJ:t:

Liput 5e

DJ Looney esittäytyy:

You know dedication and enthusiasm when you see it.
You can feel the passion of a true artist despite the form.

Far in the second decade of Looney’s dj career spanning here and there from deep house to underground techno.
From illegal rave parties to well established clubs, Looney has been cutting edge from the beginning and
keeps burning down dance floors and pushing boundaries!

Club projects like Bliss Deluxe and Sidetrax had him deliver strong sets covering everything from deep and techy house to floor burning disco.
He goes a bit crazy at the underground events, like Happosauna, banging Acid, Techno and Electro.

When Looney is not pleasing major crowds he is busy organizing true underground mayhem in the form of Acid Sauna,
where TB303 is the main attraction. These parties execute all the forms and functions of oldskool squats and
rave attitude including playfullness and experimentation.

After a long strech of spinning records he has jumped in the producing pool from the deep end, with a release on Snuff Trax and another
coming up on Snuff Cuts by his punk acid band Happo Pistoolit.

His ability to find the audiences sweet spot is a product of long standing dedication to invent his style again and again.
Raw energy and infectious groove. Forward forever as someone once said.