Danger, Dance with the Dead & Co.

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Ääniwalli, Helsinki   Show map  
disco, industrial, oldskool, techno

Epic synthwave night with legendary artists LIVE in Helsinki, all for the first time.

--Best Guess™ Schedule--
2100 Doors & DJ's
2200 Daniel Deluxe
2300 Dance with the Dead
0330 Closing time
DJ's will also play between artists and after Danger.

Danger (FRA) was one of the original french electro pioneers who started the "synthwave/retrowave" boom in about 2007 along Kavinsky and College. He has not lost his touch and his amazing, harsh and brutal synth tunes are truly an experience to hear live.

Dance with the Dead (USA) combines live guitars in true 80's heavy metal style with their synthsound to create powerful energy on stage. Wailing their way into the synthwave history books.

Daniel Deluxe (DNK) has found his turf in the darksynth genre that has a lot of dancefloor bangers mixed with the moody cyberpunk soundtrack elements. You can also hear his stuff in games like De-Sync.

Dance with the dead (USA)
Daniel Deluxe (DNK)

Classic lazersynth visuals from VJ Biolum.
DJ's Mape & Niksu
Tickets 17€ at Tiketti