Helsinki Dub Club - Intergalaktik Sound, Ivah Sound & Opa Hipowa

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Helsinki Dub Club “The Roots of Bass Music”

Helsinki Dub Club has a solid focus on the sound systems themselves. For this session we have invited three sound systems; the legendary Intergalaktik Sound System who have been on the forefront in promoting sound system culture and roots music in Finland for more than 10 years. Ivah Sound System, one of Finland’s most prominent and active sound system. And the original roots defenders Opa Hipowa from Lahti!

This is a celebration of sound system culture in its true form, three sounds playing on their own custom built sound systems. Music selection from roots reggae to dub and steppa, not forgetting dubplates and exclusives!

FRI 03.2.2017 | Side Club Hietaniemenkatu 7, Helsinki
20:00-04:00 | K18 | 10€ + cloakroom fee | 7€ Presale tickets from

Intergalaktik Sound System

Intergalaktik Soundsystem was founded in 2005 and they started the construction of the sound system straight away. Intergalaktik now consists of a crew of 5 skilled artists, who have released 10 vinyls to date. When it comes to releasing music of their own, Intergalaktik Sound System is the most productive in Finland. Their records have spread all around the world and have been played on some of the worlds largest sound systems, radio programs and festivals. The sound system itself was recently upgraded, it’s custom built and runs with a Mostec preamp in a true sound system style and fashion!

Opa Hipowa Sound System

Opa Hipowa Soundsystem from Lahti was was founded in 2005 as Dub Culture. New name came up in 2013 when they started to build the actual soundsystem, which has been the plan for 8+ years. They play roots music with a message and Rastafari vibrations!


Ivah Sound is one of Finland’s most forward thinking sound systems; playing the best of roots, dub and bass music on their own custom built sound. The Ivah Sound System is specially designed for the music they love. Bass heavy with a punchy kick, crisp mids & highs. This crew of seven always work hard to give the massive an enlightened experience; with microphone chanting, effects and skilled mixing. Ivah Sound is always all about upliftment and bringing cultures together under their mighty stack of speakers.


Come and experience the force of three of Finland’s largest self built sound systems.
A night full of peace, love and unity for all the reggae, dub & and bass music massives!

♕ Let the music feed your heart & soul ♕

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