Electro City Proudly Pres: Welper Qvick (aka Wegez & Nic'Silver)

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Electro City palaa Tillikkaan marraskuussa kovempana kuin koskaan ja tuo Welper Qvick aka Wegez & Nic'Silver - artistin soittamaan sellaista settiä, mitä ei ihan hetkeen ole nähty.
Welper Qvick on julkaissut myös paljon omaa tuotantoa, joten niitäkin tullaan varmasti kuulemaan.

Tätä et haluu missata!

HUOM.. Tapahtumassa tullaan kuvaamaan itse bilettäjiä sekä bileitä, jonka hoitaa ammattikuvaaja.

WELPER QVICK aka Wegez & Nic'Silver (Dimension / Millennium)

Welper Qvick is the alter ego for Wegez solo gigs from Wegez & Nic'Silver trance duo.

The Story began in 1984 when two boys were born 200 km apart. Not knowing each other, not knowing where the future lies, walking their paths separately. Those paths were meant to cross, somehow and for some reason, maybe to give pleasure to people world wide. Years went by and both of them got into Trance music and when they least expected it, they bumped into each other while working with the same video project.

The following story might sound familiar as it is similar to the stories of many great names. Before their twenties, they started to arrange underground events that gathered young ppl, new born ravers to Lappeenranta. After a while they put all the eggs in one basket and formed a project you might have heard of: Wegez & Nic’Silver. The following three years was filled with gigs all around Finland and finally in the summer of 2008 WNS was signed into one of the biggest Trance Organisations Finland had to offer, Millennium. WNS was also nominated for ”The Best domestic DJ 2008 in Finland” by Discopress Magazine.

After just 4 years of spinning records together they were playing every single weekend somewhere and they also did some international gigs and a minitour in Estonia. While touring WNS had some time to sit in the studio making some underground remixes. One of them you might have heard in clubs was ”Muse – Uprising (Wegez & Nic’Silver Bootleg Mix)” and another was a remix for Anything But Monday called ”Still Standing”.

After years of spinning they wanted to take a break, to observe the world and seek their paths again. One final project needed to be finished at the end of the year 2011. This project was a single called ”Skyline” and it got signed and published right away.

WNS has been meditating, finding their inner strenght to be released on stage once again giving their absolute everything to the crowd – one thing they are definitely known of! Those banging progressive house beats transforming in to massive trance landscapes; that is what you are going to dance to throwing your hands up in the air sooner than you know it. Wegez & Nic’Silver is back in town and they are going to blow the roof of!