Helsinki Jungle Mafia presents : Spirit (UK)

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Helsinki Jungle Mafian vieraaksi ELMU:n baarin saapuu Jungle ja Drum&Bassin todellinen raskaan sarjan tekijä Spirit. Spirit tunnetaan omasta tuotannostaan levy-yhtiöillä kuten Function, Metalheadz ja tietysti miehen oma Inneractive music. Jos olet joskus käynyt kunnon jungle & dnb reiveissä olet luultavasti tanssinut Spiritin musiikin tahtiin. Mies on myös todella kovan luokan deejii ja luvassa on todellinen bassomyrsky. Tule kavereiden kanssa tai tule yksin, kunhan tulet mestoille etkä jää sohvaperunaksi kotiin!


SPIRIT ( Inneractive, Function, Metalheadz, UK)
PHYSICS (Midnight Sun, Fokuz, Celsius)
BURMA (Ruff Dnb)
NOISEWAVE (The Circuit)

K18 / Liput 8€ (narikka ilmainen) / 23-04

SPIRIT - Selected bio in english:
Like a lot of prominent drum & bass producers, Duncan Busto’s story begins in the late ‘80s when he was a little more besotted with hip hop. Whilst spending his time in record shops stocking up on import 12”s, he was convinced by a friend to make the move from music collector to disc jockey and a flourishing fleet of DJ bookings followed in the wake of that decision. After acid house had fully bloomed in London, chance encounters, serendipity and the influence of Commercial Suicide boss, Klute and the seminal techno outfit, Ubik, led to the Ipswich based Busto putting together the basics of a home studio in which he started making his own take on the sorts of electronic music he was playing out.

Now Busto’s firmly ingrained as one of drum & bass’ old guard. Having played around the world and released music on a long list of coveted d&b labels like Shogun Audio, Violence, Metalheadz, CIA and Renegade Hardware he’s reportedly just reopened the doors to his own labels, Phantom Audio, which he began back in 1998 alongside his kindred producer, Digital and his own solo venture, Inneractive.

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