Forms All-Vinyl Special w/ Laiska Jaakko // O'Hara's // 0€

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O'Hara's Freehouse, Tampere   Show map

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True drum&bass ranging from deep and minimal to funky rollers, with the occasional jungle flavors thrown in the mix. For this "All-Vinyl Special" we're happy to invite a very special guest - Laiska Jaakko - to present his true junglist form.

And all this absolutely free of charge!

Special guest:

Forms residents:
ESC (Forms / Lightless Recordings / KongoCrew)
JOE LOUD (Forms / Dreadmark)
CHRIS ROBIN (Forms / Dreadmark)

O'Hara's (basement)
Hämeenpuisto 17, Tampere
Time: 21-03
Tickets: 0€
Age limit: 18




DJ, Producer and Event organizer from Helsinki with over a decade of experience in spinning drum&bass and jungle. Laiska Jaakko has played among many international names and throws regularly events in Garage, Laiva and Satama collectives. This guy is guaranteed to make every basshead dancing through the night.


Esc aka Escher has been DJing and making music since the late 90's. In 2000 he co-founded Club Kongo, the first ever drum&bass weekly in Finland and has since had residencies in various clubs such as Breakbits, Cut, Pressure, Myyränhengitysklubi and Treatment.

In 2011 iDJ Recordings released Esc's debut single and lately his works have been released on Lightless recordings and Grillin' records as well. He says he loves, among other things, fat breaks, roaring basslines, ethereal soundscapes, klings and klongs and good coffee.


Joe Loud is an active part of the Finnish drum & bass scene since 2009 and a host of many club events such as Dreadmark, Myyränhengitysklubi and Forms providing high quality drum'n'bass action. His sound varies from minimal and techno influenced athmospheres to rolling beats and big basslines - techy, deep and dark.


Chris Robin has become known as the DJ and promoter affiliated with the most prolific clubs in Jyväskylä such as Dreadmark, Remedy and Wake-Up!. After relocating to Tampere in 2013 he joined forces with his fellow junglists to create Forms. Chris has a versatile sound in his sets, and one can expect anything from deep, murky tunes to banging, techy rollers, old school jungle or even liquid funk.