20.8.16 Rave Cult #1 Ϟ Semitone (COL) Ϟ Miika Kuisma Ϟ Delta F Ϟ Tjs Ϟ Destroy

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Sat 20.8.2016 (20-04)
Rave Cult #1
@ Nightclub Mayday

Semitone (COL) [ RE.SET, Faded Music ]

From Bogotá, Colombia, Semitone is one half of Antonio Jose Pineros’s split personality. Releasing Drum & Bass on Faded Music since 2015, imprint which recently debuted his first solo EP “Backlash”, featuring tunes with Coma and J.Rhodes. His sounds are usually deep, dark and techy, spanning from dance floor bangers to deep experimental skankers. As part of the RE.SET roster for the past seven years, Semitone has helped cement Bogotá as the Drum & Bass capital of Latin America. Watch out because 2016 brings more sounds from Semitone on Faded Music, Flexout Audio and soon to be RE.SET’s own label, RE.SET Audio.

Miika Kuisma (JOOF Recordings)


Dj Delta F


Dj Destroy

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