ALPPIMUISTO 2016 - Free Open Air - The Return of The Underground

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The Return of The Underground - Episode 6

We're ready to launch the magnificent 6th edition of Alppimuisto.
As always we will stay committed to the concept of a free party which makes Alppimuisto so special.
We would like to thank the City of Helsinki for their kind and ongoing support since without it it would be impossible to run Alppimuisto.


20-22 GMS (Ibiza / Spun Records)
18-20 JEAN-PETER & GOA-VÄÄPELI (Thirteen Productions)
16-18 ODEN (Original Pranksters)
14-16 PSYTEC (Original Pranksters)

Alppimuisto is produced by the non-profit organization Original Pranksters. Our purpose is to promote underground music and art.
We kindly ask you to join our cause by sharing this event to your friends who you think might be interested in it. Your support is very much appreciated.
Our crowd's support has been crucial to our success in the past years. We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone that has been contributing.

Powered by Original Pranksters.
Supported by Helsinki City.
Crowdfunded by You.

We are trying out a new form of funding for Alppimuisto for the first time. We are exitied about how many people will actually fund Alppimuisto through the crowfunding platform.
We are looking for new innovative ways to be funded because Helsinki City will not fund our cause in the future in the same scale than it has before. Therefore we need other ways.
If you decide to support us by funding Alppimuisto we would like to thank you already in front. If you just want to come and enjoy the party that's perfectly fine as well. It's all up to you.

Link to Crowdfunding

Welcome Everyone!

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