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Tunemasterz on pian taas täällä!!! Tällä kertaa matka jatkuu Itäkeskuksen Fantsu Bar & Nightclubille (ex Fantasy Club) missä järjestämme meidän minikiertueen seuraavat bileet!




AFECTO DJ's (Spin FM, Helsinki)

Miikka L (Sunrise)
Sasha F (Spoontech Recordings, House of Hard Music)
Combo (Tunemasterz resident)
Phenoxy (Tunemasterz resident)
Shaman & Romy (Tunemasterz)


AFECTO DJ'S (Spin FM, Helsinki)

Vuonna 2011 perustettu kollektiivi on ollut tuttu nimi Helsingin klubiskenessä jo jonkin aikaa. Vuonna 2011 Kokomosta ponnistananeen Afecto DJs kollektiivin nimi on pyörinyt useasti isojen iltojen lineupeissa, sekä he ovat olleet vakiokasvoja R3D klubilla sen avaamisesta lähtien, paikan hautajaisiin saakka.
Samoihin aikoihin he alkoivat isännöimään Spin FM kanavalla, housemusiikkiin perustuvaa radio-ohjelmaa, nimeltään Love Of Housea SpinFM:n torstai-illoissa. Energisestä lavashow:sta sekä teknillisestä taituruudesta tunnettu kollektiivi on päässyt näiden vuosien aikana esiintymään mm. Waterland Festivaleilla, Whiteout sekä Wonder Festivalilla. Tämän lisäksi Danceteria ja Clinic brändien klubi-illoissa, ja he ovat päässeet näiden vuosien aikana jakamaan lavan ja lämmittämään todella isoja, sekä merkittäviä kansainvälisiä nimiä kuten: Mauro Picotto, Chus & Ceballos, Fatboy Slim, DJ PP, Belocca, Prok & Fitch sekä Jay Lumen, puhumattakaan kotimaisista kärkinimistä.
Kollektiivi on päässyt myös vierailemaan näiden vuosien aikana isojen kaupunkien klubitapahtumissa aina Vaasasta Kotkaan, sekä Joensuusta Turkuun. Afecto DJs kollektiivin soundi kulkee aina deep-housesta Berliini vaikutteiseen teknoon ja tech-houseen baleaarisella vivahteella, räätälöitynä tapahtuman ja fiiliksen mukaan.





SASHA F (Spoontech Recordings, House Of Hard Music)

Sasha F started his career as a DJ around 17 years ago and during this period he definitely showed the world what he was worth as a professional jock and producer. He is now one of the most wanted Hard Dance artists from Finland and his popularity around the globe is rising fast.

His DJ skills have been showcased throughout Finland where he, alongside other top Finnish DJs, usually headlines the big gigs. Besides that he also is a regular guest at major events like Defqon1, Decibel, Q-base, Qontinent, Wish outdoor, Dreamfields and Dance valley iAnd countries like Russia, Estonia, Thailand, England, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy and he was part of the Invasion Tour in The USA doing 20 gigs in 40 nights, coast to coast.

As a producer he is known for releases like Get Hit (together with Crypsis) Hardstyle Matters and Drop 2 Your Knees (together with Chris One). He released his records at different labels, such as Minus Is More, Next Chapter and TiLLT! Records .In May 2013 he joined the Spoontech Records label, as his raw tracks certainly fitted their profile.

With a combination of superb technical mixing and a raw hardstyle sound, Sasha F leaves each crowd begging for more.


Miika Kuisma has been growing up together with modern technology, closely followng as limited capabilities have been transforming into unlimited potentials. From the very begining he saw computer as a magical tool for creating music, graphics and other forms of art. Therefore it was natural for him to embrace the digital music era. For example, by launching a pure digital record label Subtraxx back in 2001.

During this lifelong trip into art, science and technology, he has been exploring many different musical styles. For someone who's very difficult to categorize musically, many remember this guy from his trance productions from early 2000, such as AR52, collaboration with Dj Tab.

When DJ'ing, Miika loves to cook epic atmospheres by combining techno and deeper forms of trance. The connecting element of everything he plays and produces is a certain mood, or feeling, often described as instantly recognizable tone. That is difficult to put into words.



MIIKKA L (Sunrise)

Miikka L is a rising Finnish trance DJ, producer and co-producer in M.I.N.O productions. His gigs guarantees old melodic trance and energetic combination of a newer sound, occasionally spiced with slight psy taste. Before spinning records and music production, Miikka L was and still is active background member in a wide variety of trance events since 2003.


Residents & founders of TUNEMASTERZ
Tunemasterz has organized rave parties for 10 years!

Phenoxy & Combo began their careers in 1998 when they were only 15 years old boys. They played at the youth centers regularly each week until the age of 18 they both moved to play in nightclubs around the Finland.

In 2004 they decided to start doing work together, and they formed a group called the Tunemasterz. Both DJ's loved the music from the heart and specifically Trance music and Tunemasterz group began to organize a variety of events since 2004, where they also played themselfs.

Tunemasterz group members Phenoxy & Combo have organized during the years 2004-2012 a number of successful events in which they have played together the best-known Finnish artists such as Alex Kunnari, Joonas Hahmo, Milla Lehto, Neon, Proteus, Sasha F, J7, D.N.A., Rony Rex and many others. Tunemasterz group members Phenoxy & Combo themselves have also played in one of the oldest and best-known Finnish club called SÄDE.

Today, they play, depending on the event together or separately. Dj Phenoxy plays Classic Trance and his music can express in words “Time flyes by but my angels doesn’t. Remember what we had before & don’t U fuckin’ forget it!” and Dj Combo other hand, is more focused on the Uplifting Trance and his music can express in words, "The Most Powerful Uplifting & Passionate Music You Will Ever Hear".
In 2016 Tunemasterz Group has achieved strong popularity in Finland organizing mature Trance-events, and the success will continue. Larger events will be organized in the future, and increasingly important artists involved. Stay tuned!

DJ ROMY (Tunemasterz)

Newest member of TUNEMASTERZ organization.
Talented Dj who loves House & Trance Music.


New Talent! Played at nightclubs in Rovaniemi and other citys near by many years!...for example Onnela Nightclub! Loves & plays house music.