SEXDATE presents: RAW M.T. (Lobster Theremin, IT)

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It's on again.

Sexdaten ensimmäinen italialaisvieras, nimensä mukaisesti raaka, mutta tappava RAW M.T. loihtii ilmoille sähköisen rajuilman, jonka syövereihin öinen kuulija voi järkensä lisäksi paiskata myös todellisuudentajunsa.

Ukkosenjohdattimet nostattavat pystyyn sexdaten rantakäärmeet Sebastian Holm seuranaan Pekko.

RAW M.T. omin sanoin:

"…strength combined with cunning ... raw is the Viking explorer ... backpacker, he takes leave from the legions at dawn .. the camp fires slowly dying ... the comrades still snoring with their mouths open, drunk from the night before, as he enters camouflaged and silent as a cougar... a mountain lion ... in the lost lands ... in the virgin forests ... among the mist of the morning in the pursuit of the holy immaculate/unblemished groove never heard before ... often he runs into jewellery left by ancient civilizations now evolved… sometimes even into alien ships hidden in the florae .. under a limitless starry sky ... listen in silence…. enchanted ... to his tales .. his adventurous stories of reconnaissance and exploration"