FRWRD - J.Robinson [UK], Bisweed [EST], Chaozlevel [EST] & Ivah Sound

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chill, drum'n'bass, experimental

FRWRD - a sound system club brought to you by Ivah Sound, made for passionate bass music and sound system lovers. With influences from the sound system cultures of Jamaica and the United Kingdom they combine music with a heavyweight sound. FRWRD brings the party to a crowd hungry for mesmerizing experiences with performers both from Finland and abroad.

As guests of the eight edition of FRWRD we have invited the multi label boss and producer J. Robinson from United Kingdom, dubstep producer Bisweed from Estonia and Strictly Dub Records owner Chaozlevel from Estonia. This edition of FRWRD will be all about dub music; from the deep ends and empty spaces of dubstep to horns and blissful melodies of roots reggae.

➤ J.Robinson [UK]

J.Robinson has established himself as one of the leading producers in the roots music scene over the last 2 years. As a producer / label owner J. Robinson is one of the most eclectic ones in Europes music scene today: on his labels WhoDemSound Records and TheMostHigh Records he publishes rootikal dubstep and dub, Tribe12 Music is an experimental bass label with dnb and dubstep releases and he also releases grime on Ease&Sekkle.
J.Robinson is all about spreading vibes in order to connect with lovers of dub music all over the world. From steppers all the way to roots, J.Robinson feeds a wide pallet of dubwise.

➤ Bisweed [EST]

Bisweed (Maksim Adel) is a music producer and dubstep DJ from Tallinn, Estonia. Maksim’s taste in music comes from several electronic music genres, jazz, soul, r&b, reggae and classical music. These genres influence and shape his dubstep production and live DJ performances. Bisweed's music has a universal appeal, whether listened on headphones, in the car, or at the club. Bisweed has produced and been an active DJ for nearly 10 years. He often performs in his native Estonia and played shows in Belarus, Finland, Germany, Latvia, and Russia. In his early years, Bisweed hosted a dubstep radio show called “Kajatuba” (which translates to “Echo Chamber”) on Estonian Public radio. Currently, Bisweed collaborates with local and regional instrumentalists, musicians, producers, and vocalists to deliver his signature low-end focused, melodic sound. Bisweed constantly advances and fine-tunes his musical horizons, knowledge, and production. Bisweed's record bag has rare records, personal dubplates, and fresh beats from around the world!

➤ Chaozlevel [EST]

Simon Chaozlevel is a rootsman from Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2015, Simon has been uplifting the masses with his Strictly Dub Records vinyl releases. Already, released three vinyl records with artists: Dixie Peach & Variedub on label's first 7” single, Danman & Riddim Tuffa for second 7” single, and Stikki Tantafari, Sista Sherin and Rebelsteppa on latest 12” maxi-single. And more vinyl records coming from Strictly Dub Records in 2016 year. Assuming that Simon often djing live, his bag is always packed tight with roots reggae, tough dubwise selection and exclusive forthcoming material direct from his Strictly Dub Records label. Chaozlevel has travelled with his selection to Russia, Republic of Belarus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and continues to spread roots music across Baltics and Europe.


For five years Ivah Sound have spread Sound System Culture in Finland. They have designed and constructed their own heavyweight Sound System: a powerful set of speakers specifically designed for the music Ivah Sound loves, with bass heavy subs, punchy kicks, crisp mids and highs. Their selection is always versatile, ranging from from reggae, dub, and steppas all the way into jungle and drum and bass. The frequencies that their sound system delivers focus especially on the low end bass and provide the audience a warm and fulfilling sound unheard in most club PA’s. The collective have arranged and played in both large and small events all over Finland and several other countries around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

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