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Pai Tapes is a cassette company based in Helsinki.
Sound Room XXXV is the release event of their two new cassettes.


KYYNELPÄÄ is a duo improvising with sound. They have a habit of trying to reinvent their methods for each gig. Tehniques might include synthesizers, tapes, no-input mixing, Supercollider, acoustic instruments with live electronics etc. The concert is a release event for "Aurinko noisee" tape released on Pai Tapes label. The tape is a collection of live recordings selected from hours of material using a pair of dice.


PITCHES is a trio making shape shifting music based on improvisation. Lately, they’ve been exploring a sound featuring drum machine rhythms, noisy synth textures and open-tuning-free-blues guitar playing. Ilpo Numminen plays analogue synthesizers, Ville Sahlakari plays drum machine and synthesizers, Taneli Viljanen plays guitar.

Hear their first tape/digital release here:


DRONES12 is a collaborative cassette project where twelve finnish sound artists made a short drone(ish)-piece.
There were only three rules in this project (and most of the artists were not aware even of these):

(1) Artist did not know who else was involved and they did not hear the other drones, except if they wanted they had the possibility to listen the "invitation" song.

(2) Maximum length of the song was restricted to 4 minutes and 58 seconds.

(3) Artist should do a song that they could call a drone. Drones12 cassette will be released on 4th of March 2016 in the Sound Room evening, where the complete master tape of Drones12 album will be played from reel to reel player.

Artists involved in this project are:
Ilpo Numminen
Pahat Kengät
Taneli Viljanen
Ilkka Vekka
Rolf Jacksen
TG33 - C & F
Ville Sahlakari
Antti Tolvi
Olli Aarni
Tommi Keränen


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