Ctrl Alt Del w/ BERK OFFSET Live [ Wakkler, Musik Krause, Snork / Germany ]

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Ctrl Alt Del proudly presents Live act and Dj from Germany, Berk Offset first time in Finland! A Teuton with pure Techno-blood flowing in his veins. Expect 100% sonic insanity for a maximum euphoria niveau.

BERK OFFSET Live [ error-funk ]
DIZE7 & VÄÄRISTYMÄ Live [ wonked out electronics ]
BONER M [ bonered techno ]
TUOMAS G [ dark / hard techno ]
KUULAS [ techno / electro ]
EPOX [ mental alien folk ]


✰BERK OFFSET Live (Jena / Germany)
Wakkler // Musik Krause // Snork

"God gave the Brazilians the Samba as a gift, the Portuguese, Fado, the Americans, Country and the Africans the talent for drums. What pray tell has the creator given to the Teutons? The ‘march’ and the ‘flourish’ of course. Added to that, for those that understand and follow through various terrains and such that something new is on the horizon. It belongs to the producer, label owner and live act Berk Offset. With ‘schmusi-musi’ he’s not quite the one. It might have something to do with the pure techno-blood flowing in his veins. Infusing others and thereby to make part of the frenzy is his desire. What ends up twirling from his machines he has given the seemingly-derisive name ‘fehler funk’ (loosely translated ‘error-funk’).
That’s because serious, straight-lined marching orders doesn’t come with his sound. Berk Offset belongs to those of the mind-boggling techno. Those who feature characteristics such as frickle and glitching and minimal, that inadvertently trot along through time. Filled through scarcity his wares have always had a place in electronic dance music. The electrician, cook and constructivist Berk Offset busies himself, alongside soldering irons and resistance, happily with seasonings and a good deal of lard shortening. Often enough has he broken the solder bit."




Psychocandies // Schmob Recordings // Field Effect Records // Rajatapaus Recordings

"A Finnish composer/producer focusing on wonky/glitch techno, hardware/software, latter mostly written by artist himself, production from classic chamber music to chiptunes, DiZE7 incarnation is techno boy (not even close to man's age, project started around 2012). From North Karelia, Finland.."



"Helsinki-based brothers Jarko Hedenius and Janne Liimatainen of vÄäristymä began their electronic music experimentation in 1992. Don't miss this chance to hear how far they've come, or gone, especially if you're not scared of questioning the very nature of music."



Don't // Earwiggle // Antsinplot // Pennyroyal // BONERED // Arts

"Pure Techno."



"Tuomas G has been DJ’ing since 2011. He has managed to create a distinct sound that combines dark industrial techno with acid, Detroit, EBM and dub techno influences. Tuomas is a familiar face from underground parties in Helsinki. He has been an active member of HYTKY collective since 2010 and in recent years has been organizing Saasta events focusing on harder techno."



"Kuulas is a 26 year-old DJ / producer from Helsinki, Finland, who has been spinning records since 2010. Kuulas’ sound is rooted in techno and UK bass, but he constantly seeks to break boundaries and genre conventions by mixing and matching rhythms and soundscapes from a variety of sources, including electro, acid, dub techno, ambient and footwork.
Kuulas has also been involved in organising parties in Helsinki since 2011 and as an active member of HYTKY since 2012, which has exposed him to new and exciting styles of contemporary dance music, and has further refined his vision of what works on and off the dance floor."



"Techno connoisseur with mental selection."


Nightclub Torvi


No compromise techno sessions since 2008.