Pampas week finale: Stockholm showcase

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Leipätehdas / DOM Munkhaus, Vaasa   Show map

To end up a crazy partyweek Soundnation and Leipätehdas brings to you a totally crazy line-up straight from Stockholm to Vasa . These three guys has played with the worlds biggest Dj:s on different clubs around Europe, and we can guarantee to you that the dance floor will be on fire when they take place behind the decks. Don’t forget the simple rules: Eat, sleep, rave, repeat!

✪ Bobby Malmlin (Stureplansgruppen, SWE)

During 7 years Bobby was a part of Stureplansgruppen in Stockholm were he worked as DJ-manager for the 10 biggest nightclubs in Sweden. This guy has been playing on all the biggest clubs in sweden, and during 2008 he was Basic Elemts tour DJ and played infront of 50.000 people and 12 milion tv-viewers. He has also had his own tour in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Holland and England. Here are some comments about Bobby that has been published in newspapers:
✰ “Bobby Malmlin is well known for his talent behind the decks, and with his energy Bobby always offers a show.”
✰ “He is really a Dj you should see live!”
✰ “Bobby Malmlin has to be experienced live.”

✪ Wald (Mondaybar, SWE)

Trance DJ/producer who lives in Stockholm. Wald have been playing in Holland and on the legendary Mondaybar Cruise several times. He has been on Stockholms clubbingscene since 2009 but has loved trance music sense the 90's. When Wald takes place behind the decks you can be sure he will deliver hard and banging tech trance that will make you fall in love with his sound.

✪ C.O.J.H (Mondaybar, SWE)

C.O.J.H is an up and coming trance DJ/producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. From an earley age he fell in love with trance and in 2013 he made his debut at the legendary Monday Bar concept. With influences from dj's like Bryan Kearney, Jordan Suckley, Indecent Noise and his own edits and mashups, he always delivers a highly energetic set. On the producer side he just released a remix on FSOS Records.

✪ Carl Martin & FredDyJ B2B set

Are two rising dj's from Vaasa city. They joined together at the end of 2012 to make their first event aswell as their debut dj sets in the club. They took Vaasa by storm and made their mark on its nightlife. Constantly improving, challenging themselves and taking it to the next level only to give you an unforgettable dance experience. Besides Dj'ing and hosting events they also created Basement Soundsystem, another product of their shared passion for bass heavy music.
► Event

✪ Main floor
✰ 22.00-23.00 Carl Martin & FredDyJ B2B
✰23-00.30 Bobby Malmlin
✰ 00.30-02.00 Wald
✰ 02.00-03:30 C.O.J.H

✪ Lounge Area
Vaasas own up rising up-rising DJ talent. Though his young age this guy has already played at several clubs around, and we will hear more about him in the future. If you like groovy house mixed with techno beats then the lounge area is worth a visit.
► Basic Info

✪ will be open from 22.00h. till 04.00h.

✪ Tickets at the door 8€, students 6€
✪ Limited amount of VIP- tickets will be sold by TicTed
In cooperation with:
✪ Wasaline
✪ Gigantti
✪ VeroModa
✪ Jack & Jones
✪ Basement Soundsystem
✪ TicTed