Flashback Future Live - Kebu, Blastromen & Co.

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Ääniwalli, Helsinki   Show map

Flashback Future is blasting off 2016 with a LIVE synthesizer extravaganza! Epic sweeping synth tunes all night.

Kebu's Perplexagon album release tour stops by Helsinki! Buy the album on CD or Vinyl! Blastromen and Sekret Teknik on support! Both also selling vinyl and CD's at the event.

Live on stage:
Kebu - Perplexagon album release tour!
Sekret Teknik


DJ Mape & Niksu
VJ Indigo

Artist Schedule (about):
22:00 - Sekret Teknik
23:00 - Blastromen
00:00 - Kebu

Tickets 12€+Service Charge. Previous events have been sold out so grab a ticket when you can! (at Tiketti & 14€ at the door)

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