Must See Rob Gee, Sasha F Birthday Party

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Pub Pete, Helsinki   Show map

Jokavuotinen kulttitapahtuma Must See Rob Gee räjäyttää Suomen HardCore ja Gabber skenen uusin kujein. Samalla vietetään Sasha F synttärikemuja ja luvassa on rankempaa saundia!

Rob Gee ja Sasha F lisäksi nähdään muita kovia nimiä, kuten Tanskalainen nuori kovanluokan Dj/tuottaja Peckerhead joka solmi hiljattain Mokum recordsr kanssa sopimuksen.

Kovaydin/Vaasa Hardcore Underground Resident / Finnish gabber Promotions arvostettu Dj RujoNic.
Viimeisenä lavalle astuu Hollannista Wappie, joka tulee tykittämään viimeiset mehut pois tanssilattialla Terrorin tahdittamana.

Ensimmäisille gabbereille tarjolla kakkua ja kurkunkostuketta!

Paikka: Pub Pete/Side Club
Osoite: Hietaniemenkatu 7, Töölö/Helsinki
Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: 22.00-04
Liput: 15€, vain ovelta + Narikka

Paikalle tuodaan kunnon PA joten herkkikset, korvatulpat mukaan!

22.00 Sasha F Rawstyle/Mainstream Hardcore
23.30 Rujonic HardCore
00.30 Dj Voldo Early Hardcore
01.30 Rob Gee GeeCore
02.30 Wappie Uptempo & Terror
03.30 THE END


Rob GEE is famous all across The Universe as "the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight in NYC." In the club's early 90's heyday, the versatile GEE kept delirious audiences going through spinning at Limelight's "Future Shock" dance/techno nights and performing with his live band as well as spinning at the club's "Rock And Roll Church" metal/ rock/ industrial nights. The crowds kept coming back to Limelight, just like they did in Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and Belgium to name a few. GEE is a recurring headliner at Sensation,Thunderdome, Mysteryland, and Love Parade, where GEE played before one million people. His diverse appeal keeps him performing weekly at all types of musical events and concerts. GEE has shared the stage with everyone from Hatebreed and Biohazard to Crystal Method, Busta Rhymes, Kurtis Blow, and Afrika Bambaataa. His GEEness has also has spun at many Slipknot and Korn after parties with his good friend, DJ Starscream a.k.a. #0 of Slipknot. GEE's history of DJing and live performances shows his dedication of bringing the fusion of organic and electronic music to a wide variety of listeners. GEE's love of hip-hop, hardcore, techno, metal and every other genre for that matter set him apart from the rest. While other DJs make tracks and spin records, GEE is an Artist who writes original songs. His indecisiveness as to whether or not he wanted to breakdance and spin hip-hop or jump in the mosh pit and play in a metal band was one of the reasons he began to cultivate his own style of both. Rob GEE is the only artist of his kind to collaborate and create with members of respected rock, metal, hardcore and hip-hop acts such as Slipknot, Hatebreed, Biohazard, Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and System Of A Down (just to name a few) creating a unification of Rock, Electronic, & Metal as well any other style GEE chooses to use. The GEEsult is Rob GEE gabber music. Rob GEE says, "There are no boundaries in music" . GEE is writing history launching gabber into the scene of the galaxy......
"The Gabber Guru," as GEE is known for his constant motivation of #PositivianVibes gained worldwide fame after the release of "Ecstasy You Got What I Need". The song went Gold and was the #1 video on The Box for 13 straight weeks. At the same time, "Ecstasy" rose to #9 on the pop charts and earned him Best Artist, Best Producer and Best Song of the year at The Thunder Awards in Holland.

The GEE Man has recently enjoyed more worldwide success along band mates Neophyte and Tieum with their collective efforts "Coming At You Strong", "Anxiety", & "Rage With Pride" under the name "Riot Squad". Rob GEE is still pushing solo success globally with his most recent hit "RIght Now". GEE always with his open mind has enjoyed recent Hardstyle & Rawstyle bangers teaming up with heavy hitters like The Prophet and Adaro. While in the same breath has been rocking the mainstream airwaves collaborating with hardcore giants Noize Suppressor, Mad Dog, & Furyan.

Look out later this year, nu metal will meet hardcore in the studio ring when Rob GEE teams up with no other than Shavo Odadjian of System Of A Down.

Rob GEE won't be stopped!!!!!!

The sound is 100% Rob GEE, which means eclectic, unexpected and completely unique.

Much #GEEspect & #PositivianVibes

Peckerhead - Daniel Rønhave born 1990.
Although Peckerhead probably is the youngest of the Danish Gabber front, he has already shared the stage with people who have had great influence in the hardcore culture.
With tireless energy and a good understanding of the genre's standards, his productions is always worth listening to .
Although he mostly plays in Denmark, he has been a little bit outside the countrys borders, Sweden, Belgium and Liverpool so far.
On the dancefloor he spans wide, from the early nineties hardcore genre and to a more extreme concept "fast and hard".

He is Denmark's own Hardcore Techno enfant terrible


Wappie started as a small boy with a wooden mixer of 30 years old, that he had gotten from his cousin.
With a walkman (cassette tapes) and a diskman he made his first mix with Hardhouse and Hardcore tracks.
Also the old pick up players from his father became part of his exercise equipment. After long practice, he started by age 17 spinning the wheels of steel in a youth centre as millenium/terror DJ.
After 4 years of silence, his wooden mixing console was exchanged for a controller, and is he really gone "underground” by doing only illegal parties.
Still, Wappie was asked again to let hear his mixing skills to a wider audience, and he was booked for Hardcore United April 2015.
Especially for this occacion has Wappie along with D-Xtreme made his first track: Ik blijf Hakkuh.
After all this success, he is asked again and multiple new bookings came along.
The controller proved to be less and less ideal, and last year it was exchanged for a set of Pioneer CDJ’s.
Meanwhile, his first foreign booking also a fact, and he will be in April 2016, run in Finland for Finnish Gabber Promotions: Must See Rob Gee T.B.A.


Jedi Ahvenus aka RujoNic started creating music at the age of 13 when he got his first guitar. But soon after that hardcore music took his heart and he started creating his own sounds with FL studio.
Years went by and he started thinking about playing in front of live audience. early 2007 Rujonic got his own set of equipment and not long after he had proved his talent to the finnish audiences.

He has played with many underground hardcore names including Ophidian (NL), Tomcat (NL) ROB GEE (USA), Igoa (DE), SA†AN (RU), Shotgun Orchestra (RU), The Untitled (NL), Junkie Kut (UK) etc..
Primarily his music consists of breaks influenced core and aggressive distorted basslines and experiments with noise and speedcore.


Sasha F started his career as a DJ around 17 years ago and during this period he definitely showed the world what he was worth as a professional jock and producer. He is now one of the most wanted Hard Dance artists from Finland and his popularity around the globe is rising fast.

His DJ skills have been showcased throughout Finland where he, alongside other top Finnish DJs, usually headlines the big gigs. Besides that he also is a regular guest at major events like Defqon1, Decibel, Q-base, Qontinent, Wish outdoor, Dreamfields and Dance valley iAnd countries like Russia, Estonia, Thailand, England, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy and he was part of the Invasion Tour in The USA doing 20 gigs in 40 nights, coast to coast.

As a producer he is known for releases like Get Hit (together with Crypsis) Hardstyle Matters and Drop 2 Your Knees (together with Chris One). He released his records at different labels, such as Minus Is More, Next Chapter and TiLLT! Records .In May 2013 he joined the Spoontech Records label, as his raw tracks certainly fitted their profile.

With a combination of superb technical mixing and a raw hardstyle sound, Sasha F leaves each crowd begging for more.