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FRWRD - a sound system club brought to you by Ivah Sound, made for passionate bass music and sound system lovers. With influences from the sound system cultures of Jamaica and the United Kingdom they combine music with a heavyweight sound. FRWRD brings the party to a crowd hungry for mesmerizing experiences with performers both from Finland and abroad.

For the seventh FRWRD we have prepared something special for you. Deng Deng HiFi will drive their sound system all the way from Malmö Sweden to play in a sound system meeting with Ivah Sound, so there will be two sound systems in one arena. Deng Deng brings heavy bass vibrations and the best of dub & steppa music with Dan I Locks and King Ital on the mic. As a special guest we invited Puppa J to perform alongside us from Ivah Sound. This legendary finnish reggae singer with years of experience will for sure make you skank and twist!

With their full custom build sound system

Deng Deng HiFi is a sound system and record label from Malmö, Sweden, founded by Junior Roots, Dan I Locks and Chris Michael back in 2005. For the love of roots reggae, dub and message music and to fill a void when there was no sound systems or roots music around in the south of Sweden, they started to build their own sound. Deng Deng HiFI started setting up dances and dubmeetings, hosting both national and international sound systems and artists, established their own record label and released two 12" and two 7". They have been playing all over Sweden and also out in Europe but this is the first time Deng Deng HiFi visits Finland. And even more spectacular, they bring their own sound system.


Dan I Locks is a reggae singer/singjay, selector and a founding member of the sound system Deng Deng HiFi. Late 2009 his first release ”Jah Far-I” hit the streets and since then one LP and 25 vinyl releases have followed on various labels. Dan I Locks have worked with several producers like Shiloh Ites, Ackboo, Indica Dubs and Ashanti Selah and have been singing with many sounds in both Sweden and in Europe. He established his own independent label Deng Deng Music and the latest vinyl release on this label is a 7 inch called ”Stop & search” produced by Ashanti Selah and Dairy Dub. Another big release from 2015 is "Jah is near". Produced by Swedish Echo Roots, it was played long time as a dubplate by King Shiloh before getting released by French I-Skankers HiFi and has now been played by many sound systems worldwide. Mainly singing in English, Dan I Locks also has a few releases in Swedish, as "Väck upp staden" from 2014 and the EP "Bara låt oss vara" from 2015. Make sure you check out this swedish rasta, determined to chant down babylon.


Hailing from the roots/dub soundsystem scene as a selector and mc/singer, King Ital has been holding the mic with all kind of different sound systems and been playing all over Sweden and in Europe. King Ital is also a member of Cultivators Soundsystem from Gothenburg, both as a selector and a singer. He is also the founder of the label "Cultivators Records". Having released 5 vinyls, King Ital is now working together with Dan I Locks for a future Showcase LP release.


Puppa J is one of the best known reggae singers in Finland, who has worked with bands like Jätkäjätkät and Liljan Loisto and artists like Asa, Raappana, Polarsoul and many more. He is known for his energetic and charismatic sets and conscious message. He has been active in the Finnish sound system scene since a young age, performing all around the country. In the summer he released his new single "Menossa mihkään", which has got a lot of positive feedback. In October he released his third solo album "Lasitimanttei", produced by Bommitommi and featuring Jukka Poika and Raappana among others. During the seventh FRWRD Puppa J will join the ranks of Ivah Sound providing lyrical support during this sound system meeting, performing both his own songs and specials inna sound system style and fashion!


For five years Ivah Sound have spread Sound System Culture in Finland. They have designed and constructed their own heavyweight Sound System: a powerful set of speakers specifically designed for the music Ivah Sound loves, with bass heavy subs, punchy kicks, crisp mids and highs. Their selection is always versatile, ranging from from reggae, dub, and steppas all the way into jungle and drum and bass. The frequencies that their sound system delivers focus especially on the low end bass and provide the audience a warm and fulfilling sound unheard in most club PA’s. The collective have arranged and played in both large and small events all over Finland and several other countries around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


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