Hand Claps & Finger Snaps 3 Years birthday party w/ Monitor 66 (SWE)

  From until   Age limit: 20   www.facebook.com/…/391944964343472  
mbar Terassi, Helsinki   Show map  
disco, house, oldskool

Hand Claps & Finger Snaps turns 3 years old and to celebrate the occasion we have the Swedish dj/producer duo Monitor 66 to perform an exclusive dj set. Support by the awesome residents.

A night of unknown gems, never before heard tunes, dustiest classics and everything in-between is guaranteed. The residents T-Juna, Ouray and Positron continue their search for the perfect disco beat and invite you to join them on this on-going quest.

Link to Monitor 66's soundcloud profile:

Monitor 66 on soundcloud

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