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breaks, chill, disco, drum'n'bass, experimental, hard, industrial, house, oldskool, psy, techno, urban

Aika on koittanut jolloin juhlitaan CTRL ALT DEL​ klubin seitsemän vuoden mittaista taivalta joka on saamassa Lahden mittakaavassa eeppiset mittasuhteet.

Vai miltä kuulostaa ensin 10 tunnin ulkoilmasessiot Lahden helposti parhaalla ja viihtyisimmällä paikalla Pikkuvesijärven äärellä erittäin rapean ja lihavan äänentoiston hyväillessä korvasimpukoita?

Tämän jälkeen alkaa todelliset bakkanaalit Lahden parhaassa yökerhossa, NightClub Torvessa.

Artistit paljastetaaan pikkuhiljaa ja myöhemmin mutta sen verran voi raottaa että ulkomaalaisia vahvistuksia on odotettavissa näyttämään mistä puusta kunnon analogi Live Techno on veistetty ..

[email protected]_ Kariranta_(pikkuvesku)

[email protected]_NightClub_Torvi

Live teknoa tarjoilee mm.


SCOTT ROBINSON Hardware Live [Stuttgart / Germany]

Scott Robinson Has been making techno since about 1990. Starting out on his own he soon met up and started working with Russ Gabriel (Ferox Records). After a gig with Luke Slater under the name K2 Scott got introduced to Stu Grant and the crew from Southampton.

After a gig in Camden underworld supporting Messiah Scott decided to go his own way.

In 1995 He had his first release with the Nottingham crew of Nebula II under a new name of Ocra-A. He become very good friends with Tony Thomas who helped morph his music from Trance into Techno.

At this point Scott met Grant Barber and they started to work on creating a new sound inspired by the free party scene they both loved so much. They had very similar tastes in techno and started to work closely to create a night to reflect this and the music others were creating around them. The night Amorphous was born.

In 1998 Cluster 016 was released. This ugly child was born thanks to the Liberators and formed a connection between the Midlands and the London free party scene. The music was angry and as close as I could get to punk without a band. The E.P. was also played by John Peel on Radio One.

In 2000 he joined Grant in London and together they started to promote the Ugly Funk night.

By 2001 the record company Ugly Funk Records was created and the first e.p. was release from Mark Hawkins. The second e.p. included one of Scott's tracks 'Tube Strike'.

At Ugly Funk Scott met and played with a range of people know very well in the industry. These included Tobias Schmidt, Neil Landstrumm, Subhead, Jerome Hill (Dont), Micheal Foreshaw (Chan n Mikes), Steve Glencross (Sativae records), JE:5 (Snork) and of course Mark Hawkins. A group of good people and friends that eventually urge him to get back into making music again.

After a break in 2003 to pursue other passions, mainly his artwork however the mighty pull of music is a strong force and in 2010 I have officially decided to continue making music 20 years after I started out with an Akai sampler and an old MMT8 sequencer.


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