Xtreme Core (Hardcore Gabber)

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Club Darkside, Helsinki   Show map  
breaks, hard, industrial, techno

After the great first X-treme event "Children Of Core", we are glad to present: lıllı XTREME CORE lıllı

Bileet tiedossa Hardcore Diggarit! X-treme esittelee 5 tajunnan räjäyttävää hardcore DJtä!

It is party time for the Finnish Hardcore Heads. X-treme is bringing you 5 DJ's that are ready to bang your senses !!
XTREME CORE will be as we like LOUD, FAST and HARDCORE!!
- Are you ready for it?

*New Talent: The Finnishing Dutch (Darkcore - X-treme Crew)

Tareq (Hardcore - Hardmotion)

Sasha F (Mainstream Hardcore - Spoontech Recs)

Criss (Old School Hardcore - Mindcore)

Waily (Frenchcore - Industrial Strenght Recs)

Guaranteed: sound system from hell !

Damage: 7 €
XTREME CORE @ 22.30 Hrs.
- open until 04.00 A.M. -
Club SIDE (ex darkside club), Pub Pete
Hietanemenkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki.