FF'83 - Shirobon, Kn1ght & Straktobeam

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disco, drum'n'bass, oldskool, techno

Shirobon (UK)
Kn1ghT (FR)
Straktobeam (FI)

Neudisco, Retrowave, Chiptune, Synthwave, 80's, Italo, Outrun Electronica!

1980's never dies!

Chiptune/Electronic artist from London, England.
From 2006 he made music using a Game Boy (known as chiptune) and released the albums 'Golden Apples' and 'Connected'. From 2009 he started experimenting with other styles of music and learning about the use of synthesizers and modern production techniques, leading to the release of electronic album '22:22' in 2012.

Since late 2013 Shirobon has gone back to his chiptune roots by blending the sounds of the Game Boy, Commodore 64 with Synthesizers. This new Shirobon style is considered his complete form and has since released his EPs 'Back Tracking' in 2013 and 'Distant Reality' in 2014. Shirobon's style is considered to sound nostalgic yet futuristic!


The year is 1985, KN1GHT doesn’t know who he is or where he’s from; all he knows is that he doesn’t like being hunted by these weird people. He’s looking for answers. He can find them…but at what cost? Strange missions one after another…to uncover the truth… There’s nothing else to do to understand the story than listen to his music.


Your favourite synth-marauders! "... From the skies they came...""... A shining light...!""... The sacred Journey..."
Synthalicious music from Helsinki/Vaasa/Jyväskylä.

Resident DJ's Malakai & Nixxu.
Trademark retro-amazing visuals by Rex Kwon Do VJs
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