VARASTO No. 2 w/ CARI LEKEBUSCH (H-Productions, Drumcode)

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☢ V A R A S T O No. 2 ☢


VARASTO on uusi klubikonsepti joka tarjoaa asiakkailleen elämyksiä, hyvää seuraa ja maailmanluokan artisteja. Ensimmäisessä illassa SAM PAGANINI sytytti Venuen tanssilattian.

Tällä kertaa sukelletaan pintaa syvemmälle Ruotsalaisen Teknomogulin CARI LEKEBUSCHI:n tahtiin. Cari on tunnettu synkistä ja hypnoottisista soundeistaan ja erittäin teknisestä soittamisesta.

Tapahtuma paikkana toimii uusi konemusiikin mekka DUSK & DAWN, joka erottuu joukosta uusilla visuaalisilla ideoilla ja rennolla asenteella.
Varastossa Tekno on keskipisteessä ja dekoraatiot sen mukaisia!


► CARI LEKEBUSCH (H-Productions, Drumcode)

► Indigo (Blueprint)

► Miia Magia (Sound Of Magic, Pussy)


► Illschnitzell (Insomniacs)

► Zinar Yaman (R3D)

Ennakko 10€ (+1,5€ fee)
Liput myy: Lippupalvelu Oy (myynti alkaa 5.9.2014)

Ovelta 10€ ennen klo 2300, 13€ sen jälkeen
(+3€ security fee)



From a young age Cari was determined to pursue a career in music; what started out as typical record collecting in the seventies eventually progressed into a desire to become a DJ. Before long he was also demonstrating his budding skills as a producer, using whatever electronic equipment he could muster to experiment with beats. As with most DJs, Cari got his initial exposure performing at a variety of local venues, primarily at events in Stockholm, where he also organized his own nights on occasion. His first booking abroad was in nearby Helsinki towards the end of 1993 and was an important step in his young career. The following year he made his debut in other European countries such as Germany, France and Italy as his tour schedule steadily grew. It was a breakthrough year in his career with the first releases on his inaugural label – Hybrid Sound Architectures, which later became known as H. Productions (a.k.a. H-Prod).

During this period Cari continued to expand his studio, known as HP HQ (H. Productions Headquarters). The launch of his own imprint enabled him to delve into his creative freedom at the utmost level of innovation and quality, acting as a core platform for his artistic visions. Shortly afterwards his productions began appearing on other influential Swedish labels such as Adam Beyer’s Code Red and Drumcode, something which continued over the next decade. Subsequent years were peppered with many notable career highlights at the time including his first appearances in Asia and Australia, several North American tours plus an assortment of releases that garnered wide critical acclaim and helped to inspire a generation of producers. Cari is a key ambassador in exporting the techno beats that proliferated from his homeland, a term which was then aptly coined by many as ‘Swedish Techno’.

He has been invited to perform regularly at many of the highest profile techno clubs and events around the globe, including Awakenings, Fuse, Tresor, Fabric, Berghain, Omen, E-Werk, Avalon, U60311, The End, Cocoon at Amnesia, Fabrik, Rex Club, Liquid Room, F135, Sona, Twilo, Rohstofflager and festivals such as I Love Techno, Time Warp, Awakenings, May Day and Nature One. An impressive repertoire of releases to date have materialized from his HP HQ studio and permeated into the crates of the global electronic music community. Cari’s work has also been featured on a myriad of labels in addition to his own reflecting an array of genres, including releases on Swedish imprints such as Drumcode, Code Red, Truesoul, Jericho and Corb, plus tracks on other prominent labels such as Novamute, Soma, Primevil, Masters of Disaster, Fine Audio Recording, Harthouse and Turbo to name a few. Various studio projects over the years ranging from techno to hip hop have also seen him collaborate with a number of producers including childhood compatriots Alexi Delano and Fredrik Almquist aka RND as well as others such as Jesper Dahlbäck, Robert Leiner, Damon Wild, Oliver Bondzio and Dan Zamani.


Indigo is one of the most versatile DJs in the finnish electronic music scene. From time to time his selection of music has varied a lot, nowdays it's based mainly on different forms of techno. Since 1996 Indigo has been playing in numerous events and clubs here and there but has always enjoyed small venues and underground warehouse parties above all. Indigo feels that improvisation is an important element of a good dj set and lets the set build with the flow, the crowd, and the moment. He also likes to play the oldskool way without beat sync, feeling his sets are more exciting with the tiny drifting in the mix.


Since starting her career in Semifinal, the downstairs venue of Tavastia,
Helsinki's legendary rock club, she has become associated with top
venues including DTM, Loop, Jenny Woo and mbar, where her
“Sound of Magic” night is one of the most popular in the city.
In 2013 Miia also gained resident status in Pussy Club, an essential player in the Finnish club scene since 1998. She has also taken part in the Helsinki Pride for several years.

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