Club Sound presents: Jay Fish (Fin) Troy Dark (Est) Morten (Est)

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Club Sound, Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Eesti Vabariik   Show map  
house, techno

Jay Fish (Fin)
[ Tesno Records / Cosmikal Records / X-Rust, Turku ]

Troy Dark (Est)
[ Groove Message Records ]

Morten (Est)
[ 16 Volti ]


Jay Fish

Jani "Jay Fish" Kokkala is Turku based techno live-artist and producer with unique sound of techno. He combines and experiments elements from various genres with only one goal in mind: every track must be something you party with! Jay Fish started his life lasting journey to electronic music in late 80's when he got his first software which he were able to produce music with. From that point to mid 90's he produced mainly hip-hop, electro and techno. Nowadays his style includes anything from house to techno with some special ingredients.

In 2012 his path crossed with Club86 Recordings when he was creating full live set for the first time. During studio and demo phase of Jay Fish live! 1.0 Tesno Records was born because there was absolutely no local labels to release this kind of stuff. Jay Fish made his and and Tesno Records' first release at end of 2011 and his first album "Everyone Understands the Bass" came out early 2013. Jay Fish will release his second artist album "Here Comes the Boom" in some point of 2014.

Slow, steady rise of techno back to be more popular again drew him back behind the decks in 2013 after he noticed that his style is more popular and have more listeners than he expected. Using modern technology and tricks from live sets he colours dj sets to be something else. Drops from modern pop hit or old classic no one is expecting into raw banging techno tracks, long mixes between tracks and hand picked personal selection of techno is the trademark of his sets.

During his Jay Fish Live! 1.5 tour in 2013 he shared booth with guys like Mauro Picotto, Riva Starr, Pan-Pot, Eliot Ness, Chantola (bro in techno!), Michael Casette (king of synths!)...

In early 2014 he signed 3 new tracks to Cosmikal Records (Tijuana, Bana California) and also started to make remix to Mariano Santos which will also be released from Cosmikal Records.


Troy Dark

Dj/Producer from Estonia,
Winner of Estonian DJ Contest 2010
Resident of Club "Chillout" and "Era" Tallinn
Releases on: PP music,Jungle Funk ,Tactical, IAMT,Leap4rog ,Play Beat ,Check in records, Supermarket,Groove Message,Dextous,Freegrand music,Italo Business,Majestic Family,IRMA

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