Forms w/ DBLJ

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O'Hara's, Tampere  
drum'n'bass, oldskool

Forms is a new drum&bass night in Tampere, hosted by Esc, Chris Robin & Joe Loud. The main idea is to provide easy access to some of the best beats in the genre. We'll be spinning true drum&bass ranging from deep and minimal to funky rollers, with the some occasional jungle flavors thrown in the mix.

The launch night in January 2014 had the basement venue packed, so let's continue with full blast. For this second time around we're happy to invite a special guest - DBLJ (KongoCrew) - to present his true junglist form.

And all this absolutely free of charge!


special guest:
DBLJ (KongoCrew)

Forms residents:
ESC (Forms / Lightless Recordings / KongoCrew)
CHRIS ROBIN (Forms / Dreadmark)
JOE LOUD (Forms / Dreadmark)


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