SEGUE Opening Party. Roberto Rodriguez / Miia Magia / TJS / Sile

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Ravivintola Asema, Lahti  
house, techno

Viimeksi 18.01.2014 Ravintola Asemassa tanssittiin hyvän Housen ja Technon sulosointujen tahtiin. 12.04 2014 on aika ottaa sama uudestaan. Soittajien laadusta ei ole tälläkään kertaan tingitty vai miltä kuulostaa seuraava Line up:

Roberto Rodriguez
Dj Miia Magia
Dj Sile

Tickets 10€ (sis. Narikka, alku shotti ja turvaväline ) Shotti ja turvaväliine esimmäisille 150hlö

Roberto Rodriguez:

Roberto Rodriguez is a Helsinki-based DJ, producer, radio host and music director. Having started making music at the age of 12 in 1987 and starting to DJ a few years later, Roberto can be called a true veteran. He has released over 50 original releases and 60 remixes including - now- classics like 'Ride With Me’, ’Besomebody’ and ’Oxymoron’. His vast catalog includes releases on labels such as Compost, Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur, Room With A View, FINA and Eskimo. Just to name a few.

Among his DJ and producing duties, Roberto runs his own label Serenades which is now on its third year. In Finland Roberto has a popular weekly radio show which shares its name with his label. Due to his vast experience Roberto's Dj sets are often full of treasures, both old and new, that you've never heard before and may never hear again.


Dj Miia Magia:

“Have you heard that song? It sounds like you”, is not something that one hears unless they have their own distinctive style. DJ Miia Magia has that and more.
Miia discovered that she had another talent. It was serendipity when she stood in front of those decks in DTM, Scandinavia’s biggest gay club, and stepped up to become the resident DJ from 2010 to 2012. Her unique soundscapes continue to push DJ culture in new and attention grabbing directions. She has also been organising and promoting club nights since 2004.
Miia has been passionate about music since she was 8 years old. She was inspired by Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson, especially the strong presence that they brought to their performances. Miia is also well used to performing. As a successful teenage gymnast she was renowned for her dazzling displays with the ribbon, which captivated audiences and competitors alike. The same passion, determination and creative spirit have since thrust her to the forefront of the Finnish DJ culture. Since starting her career in Semifinal, the downstairs venue of Tavastia, Helsinki's legendary rock club, she has become associated with top venues including DTM, Loop, Jenny Woo and mbar, where her “Sound of Magic” night is one of the most popular in the city. She has also been part of the Helsinki Pride Festival. Her distinctive style ensures that, over the course of one set you will be taken on a
fascinating journey. Along the way you could hear disco and deeper house and ripples of pop and indie, too. Whenever or wherever you hear Miia Magia, you will find yourself somewhere in the music and enjoying the atmosphere.

DJ Sile

Sile was brought up surrounded by all kinds of music, so it was more than natural for him to have music as his profession.
He has never been interested in fame during his career; the point has allways been finding fresh music and to make people move. He has had an extra ordinary long career over 30 years. This is an exeptionally long career how ever you look at it. He has had a strong inluence in club scene of southern Finland.

He has had over20 clubs, enormous amount of residencies and has arrangedseveral dozens of parties around Finland. He has visited all the major clubs in Finland. Mearly in Helsinki during the last 15 years he has visited such clubs like Smile, Yam Yam, It, Soda, Kerma, Mother, Ihana etc..
His career is not limited to just djing but he has had his own program in YLE Radio and did some series of the legendary radio program Ocsid. He's been producing since -92 andhis recent "People Let Me Down" and "Funk Magic E.P.) were released on Look At You records (USA) and the first one was pickedas "The Tune Of the Month" in DJ Magazine and it was listed in Hype chart too.


TJS started playing in the late 80 and continued to play until 1997. Then I spent a quiet life until 2008, when I started playing again as an hobby.
" I was a bedroom DJ for a few years until in 2010 I began to play in public again as an various parties."
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