Sielu-Lounge : MIkael kosmos LIVE

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breaks, chill, drum'n'bass, experimental, psy

Mikael Kosmos performing live organic electronic music from 21.00

Mikael Kosmos is here to bring organic back to electronic. He's a dedicated overtone and throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and a live producer, which means that no pre made loops are used. Everything is made there on the spot so it is fully interactive with the energies of the atmosphere. He calls it organic electronic.He combines modern and ancient into a peculiar stream of consciousness manifesting itself into powerful sound vibration. Mikael Kosmos started Kosmos Ambient as acapella ambient and the first recordings were made by only looping his voice through guitar effects. As evolution went on, Mikael got more experience, equipment and is aiming higher and higher. He being a throat singer, it was only natural to bring it's psychedelic-shamanic vibrations to the mix to channel the ancient to this age of accelerating cultural fusion.

Early evening sounds by djKototama: trip hop/jazzy beats/atmospheric jungle

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**Cozy After work hours dripping with Jazzy Liquid vibes**

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