Into the Dub with Autoexec and Pletova 12.02

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chill, experimental, industrial, techno

Into the Dub – New producers and DJs night

Into the dub is a club concept where stage is opened for new talents. In each event a new upcoming DJ and producer will be showcasing their own sounds and taste in music.

This time we will be focusing on TECHNO and the visitors are DJ-producer Autoexec and DJ Pletova. Guests are hosted by DJs Prokres and Anne Karoliina.


Autoexec (Tuukka Jääskeläinen)
Autoexec is the alter ego of Tuukka Jääskeläinen, used for producing honest dancefloor-oriented techno around the tempo of 128 BPM.

The name comes from his early experiences with MS-DOS, delving in the vast universe of binary code and bits and bytes that changed his life almost 20 years ago. Inspired by that grayscale text-based user interface which allowed him to do basically anything imaginable with it, he wanted to bring that experience to the party people all around the world.

He has been producing electronic music in its many forms for the last 20 years with genres like drum and bass, psy-trance and downtempo to name a few, but this project is inspired by the older techno releases from labels such as Drumcode and CLR with a twist toward the current generation techno floorfillers.

You may expect structural beats and controlled chaos that makes you dance.


Pletova (Aleksi Peltonen)
Pletova got interested of electronic music already during elementary school, and about 6 years ago he bought turntable and some dubstep vinyls and started to play. After a short break he go interested of playing techno, and ever since he has been active in UG techno scene. In his sets he loves to play deep, dark and psychedelic techno, and smoky dub techno tunes.



Anne Karoliina


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