TRIP TO GOA w. OTT (Twisted), E-MANTRA (Suntrip, Altar)

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Club Venue / Uusi Playground, Helsinki   Show map

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Hyvät ystävät, magic is back!. Legendaarinen Trip To Goa palaa Helsinkiin, yhdellä Goa klubin kovimmista line-upeista ikinä. Tapahtuman pääartistina on jälleen psykedeeliseen chillout musiikkiin erikoistunut Ott Twisted recordsilta englannista, eikä taatusti jätä ketään kylmäksi. Ott julkaisi muutama kuukausi sitten Baby Robot sinkkunsa, ja soittaa myös tulevalta albumiltaan uutta ennen kuulematonta materiaalia.

Koska halusimme viedä bileet aivan uudelle levelille, niin kutsuimme mukaan vielä kaksi ennen näkemätöntä ulkomaa performanssia. Meillä on kunnia hostata E-Mantran (Suntrip. Altar) ensimmäinen live keikka Suomessa. Tämä 7 albumia julkaissut virtuoosi on yksi viime aikojen kovimmista nimistä sekä uusklassisen goatrancen, että psykedeelisen chilloutin sektorilla.

Chillout/alternative/ambient performansseja on paljon. Venue on remontoitu syksyllä 2013 ja nyt se on paljon isompi. Lisäksi tällä kertaa on myös alakerta (Playground) käytössä, eli tilaa on runsaasti. Tapahtumaan tulee lisäksi kauniit dekoraatiot ja videovisuaalit. Tätä ei todellakaan kannata jättää väliin!



OTT LIVE (UK, Twisted)
E-MANTRA LIVE (RO, Suntrip), first time in Finland!

Lergoi Volacheck live (Goa)
Tom Wanks live (Porvoo suomisoundi)
Huuhaa live (Scooter Baba, Olpek)

Aegonox (Agitato)
Dreaml4nd (Goa)
Kirsu (Entropy)
Terva (Zenon, POTB, Back2Mad)

Decorations: Synchronometrica, Vesa Peltonen
Visuals: Matlock (Safari2)
2 dance floors (Venue+Playground)


17eur presale (Cybershop Asematunneli), 19eur+bf (Tiketti), from door 22eur (if any tickets left).

early bird tickets 14eur (SOLD OUT)

door ticket 12eur after Ott (01:00 - 03:30)

Deep within the English countryside lie a number of brilliant music producers. One such unfashionable but extremely talented artist is Ott, best friend of Simon Posford (aka HALLUCINOGEN) and previous editor of the Shpongle albums. Ott is a country computer wizard working only at unsensible hours of the day, constantly connected to the internet, downloading every known†gadget and plug in possible and communicating online with the outer world.

Blumenkraft was a sunny outdoor festival in the English countryside. Skylon was falling in love. Twice. The last album Mir is traveling the world, absorbing sounds from every quarter and bringing them home to a 600-year-old cottage in the wilds of Dartmoor to make sense of them. Baby Robot single was released in autumn 2013 which gives taste of the upcoming album. Rumors say that you will hear some unreleased tracks from it ;)

Music speaks on behalf of this musical multitalent who has published 3 goatrance albums from Suntrip Records and 3 chillout/psymbient albums from Altar Records all this during the last 5 years. The last goatrance album (Nemesis) just came out and 4th chillout album will soon come out from Altar Records. E-Mantra sounds are created in the exotic coast of Black Sea (Constanta, Romania). He started making music already in year 1999 and in year 2000 the project E-Mantra was born.

Lergoi Volacheck:
Lergoi Volacheck is a live guitarist and electronic music composer who combines elements from multiple electronic music genres into very special sort of melodic breakbeat. He has composed music since year 2000 and gets a lot of influence from psy-trance, breakbeat, drum&bass, house, electro, funk, rock, pop and reggae. Lergoi sets includes performing with a guitar and various effects.

Tom Wanks:
Tom Wanks is one man psytrance, breakbeat, techno and suomisoundi live project. This man has blowed up the dance floor in events like Goa4Y/Space Buddha and SuomiGoa.

Terva is a messenger of psychedelic progressive sound from South Finland. He is a label DJ for Australia based Zenon rec. and Israeli Jaira rec. In addition Terva is regular host of finnish psytrance radio show called Back2Mad and a part of POTB party crew (People of Butterflies) and Random Sounds collective. He is truly a humble servant for people on the dancefloor and knows how to keep things interesting ;)

DJ Kirsu is a talent that has set your feet on fire on the dancefloor for more than a decade without that you even knew that it happened! This handsome man with dreadlocks is one of those artists that really keeps no noise of himself and concentrates solely on being good DJ. Kirsu has in recent years expanded his musical variety to
tech-house influenced psy progressive. In addition to acquiring new fresh sounds he doesn't rely solely on latest, but also builds on older, sometimes less-known, tracks using "there has to be groove" as his guideline. He definitely knows how to deliver. He is also one of Entropy underground ambassadors and known of wearing funny hats in unexpected situations.

Huuhaa is Juha (aka Scooter Baba, Antiscarp), and Olpek. HuuHaa is the universal calling sign for paranormal powers. A noun that reflects the states of ancient shamanism. Now this sign has been called by ultraviolet frequency outline figures in full life röntgen reality. The story is build with techniques that uses the legacy of ancient story telling. This technique derives from analog times of antique to modern day digital hyperspace technology. After soul seismic effects forwarded by several brain tsunamis HuuHaa started digital painting and laser gunning new dimensional sound scapes that flowers from real life experiences and imaginary binary adventures. The resonance of HuuHaa has always existed in the universe just waiting to be found. We were born in right time and space and saved this binary imaginary reality adventure for other souls to hear, feel, and enjoy. All in all more important than to get the answer is about to pose the right question. The question is HUU? and the answer is HAA!

DJ Aegonox is Golan Lampi (also known as DJ Peter Pan, Dreaml4nd and Neural Waves) from Finland. He is the mastermind behind a club called Goa from Helsinki Finland and is to blame for numerous outstanding club and underground events in Finland. In addition for being a talented DJ capable to throwing a set in almost any substyle of psytrance (and a few other styles like tech-house/tribal) he has designed tens of lineups (most of them multi-stage) with hundreds of artists and international names. Aegonox is label DJ of Agitato Records, Dream Vision Media and Mind Control Records and in addition to Finland has played in places like Japan, Netherlands, Bali and Estonia.

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