Flashback Future Disco Helsinki - Nite Sprite

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Pacifico, Helsinki

Flashback Future Disco Helsinki!
Neudisco, Retrowave, 80's, Italo, Outrun Electronica!

1980's never dies! And Neudisco has resurrected from the grave! Come join us in a night of awesome synthwave retro beats.

With retrofuture artists:

Nite Sprite (NOR)
Very little information is available about Nite Sprite. It's said to be the name and music describing the anti-hero's cinematic journey taking place in a retro-futuristic 80's drama.

The anti-hero with a shadow-like character performs masked and let the energy-fueled music and visual show do the talking. The music is a glimpse into an unknown world of the 80's, where cinematic 'scenes' unfolds, each traveling into different aspects of the figures musical personality and adventures, showing reflections of himself in his journey through 80's influenced synth scores, filmic backdrops and electro fueled workouts.

Live instrumentation and mutated electronic samples rub up against each other and are sliced and melded throwing you into an action flick you never thought existed.

With numerous official remixes including Thomas Dybdahl, Chromeo and VETO to mention a few and the release of the self-titled debut EP on limited double 7" vinyl in 2011, Nite Sprite's diverse story telling and recognition has been leading up to an album that will arrive sometime in 2014.


Dr Pecco

With a special exclusive tape from:
Vincenzo Salvia

With resident support:
DJ’s Malakai & Nixxu

Awesome Pacifico drink offers, gotta get that Mojitokannu!
Tickets 5€ (standard Pacifico cloakroom rules)

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