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house, techno

LOS SURUBA (Get Physical, Culprit, Suruba, ES)
RONAN PORTELA (Foundsound, Bla Bla, Trapez, AR)
Orion (YleX, Fade)
Jekaterina (Insomniacs, Venue)
Illschnitzell (Insomniacs, Venue)

Marraskuun lopulla toivotellaan pikkujoulumeiningit tervetulleeksi Insomniacsin merkeissä! Tällä kertaa Insomniacs-klubin kapellimestarit Jekaterina sekä Illschnitzellit valikoivat illan pääesiintyjiksi A-luokan tech house-taiturit Los Suruban ja Ronan Portelan.

Suoraan klubiskenen sydämestä Ibizalta matkaava Los Suruba on viettänyt huikean keikkakesän yhdessä maailman kovimpien nimien rinnalla isännöiden suosittua ANTS-klubia Ushuaiassa Ibizalla. Espanjalaiskaksikko ei pelkää rikkoa rajoja tuotannollaan ja musiikinteon ohessa miehet muun muassa johtavat Suruba-levy-yhtiötään. Argentiinalainen Ronan Portela puolestaan tunnetaan tanssijalkaa kutkuttavista tech house ralleistaan. Miehen tuotantoa on ajan saatossa eksynyt lähestulkoon jokaisen tech house -deejiin levylaukkuun, eikä suotta.

Illan kotimaisvahvistuksina toimivat muun muassa YleX:ltä tuttu ja vastikään uuden Room Service -klubikonseptinsa lanseerannut Dj Orion sekä deep housen sanansaattaja ja sulosointujen suurlähettiläs Sebas!

Joulumielen kohottamiseksi tarjoillaan alkuillasta piparia ja terästettyä glögiä, joten kannattaa tulla ajoissa ;)




Saturday 30.11.2013
Age 18

Venue & Playground
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki



VENUE: (22:00-04:00)

LOS SURUBA (Get Physical, Culprit, Suruba, ES)

RONAN PORTELA (Foundsound, Bla Bla, Trapez, AR)

Jekaterina (Venue, Insomniacs)

PLAYGROUND: (23:00-04:00)

Orion (YleX, Fade)

Illschnitzell (Venue, Insomniacs)




marX (Clinic)


Janne Ahola (Safarikaksi)


Precision Audio Premium Double



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10€ before 23:30, after 13€


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-No queuing at the afterparty entrance (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)

SUPER VIP ticket only from email: [email protected]
450€ SUPER VIP for 10 people (only 1 table for sale)

SUPER VIP ticket includes:

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue and escorting to the table
-Table reserved for all night next to the stage, best place at the club ;)
-1 bottle of Grey Goose vodka + mixers, 2 bottles of sparkling wine
-No queuing at the afterparty entrance @ Playground (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)


Los Suruba bio:

There is no question that the Spanish pot of emerging electronic music talent leaves many of its global counterparts in the shadows in today’s oversubscribed industry. If you want something fresh and inspiring that is.

Los Suruba are a duo amidst a new generation of fine underground artists who exemplify this inventory, no mean feat in a country that houses some of the most influential European talent to break the scene over the past few years.
Alvaro and Delmar’s first encounter at the SAE institute of design in Madrid in 2001 heralded the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship that has led the pair to journey their creative awakening together.

Delmar’s experience of the vibrant Madrid club scene began a few years prior, his earliest adventures feeding rap, reggae and funk compulsions. Eclectic sounds that would eventually lead him to the realms of electronic music. Keen to share his spinning knowledge with Alvaro, a growing appreciation for dance music led to a meeting of creative minds. Soon after, playing at parties together was to be something that locked their musical chemistry into a skyward ascent that would ultimately lead to the Los Suruba we know today.

Suruba is the Portuguese word for orgy; a wild party, a sinful bacchanal. A name bestowed upon the pair by fans and friends in the early days and one that embodies the feeling of those who experience their music today. While it would be easy to assume that this ‘all out party’ sentiment is the principle theme of their music, Los Suruba is much more than that. Traversing the darkly pleasurable, serious and fun (deep house, tech house, techno), a Los Suruba set will find you immersed in a world of limitless possibilities, an abstract journey of feelings and sounds that capture the beauty of every precious moment. From intimate clubs to festival crowds, the party is always crazy.

This versatility and innate intuition has set the boys up for the most exciting gig of 2013; their summer residency at ANTS. One of the hottest new gatherings in Ibiza, the ANTS party is one that cleverly avoids the mainstream while showcasing a carefully curated selection of stealth underground artists. Here Los Suruba has been able to vent their intense musical desires in an environment that nurtures only the best underground talent. The ANTS army has foot printed their appreciation in droves; an appreciation that has echoed across venues and parties the world over; Europe, the USA, Asia and of course in their home country. From the monthly Goa parties in Madrid and Moog or Mac Arena Mar in Barcelona to Studio80 in Amsterdam, Tresor in Berlin, Spartacus in Marseille and The Rhythm Factory in London, Los Suruba has etched special memories into dance floors forever. Sinfully gratifying music that works it’s magic just as easily in intimate settings as at larger gatherings such as Benicassim and Creamfields.

Spinning is just one part of the story. With their studio and label endeavors, the boys have won the approval of fellow countrymen and international DJs alike. Maceo Plex, Sasha, Jamie Jones, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Dixon; a bulging tally of some of the most relevant and influential artists to crown our scene.

Get Physical, Culprit, Beachcoma, Stil Vor Talent, Noir Music, Defected are just some of the imprints to host the boys as they fly the flag with their original studio tracks. Carving a neat little niche with seminal tracks like ‘Pisco Sour’ and the 2011 release ‘Punset’, a stunning collaboration with Edu Imbernon released on Eklektisch; and of course one of Resident Advisor’s 50 most charted tracks that month; Solomun’s remix of this breakthrough track making a huge impression on the White Isle.Working out of their shared studio in Ibiza, permanent home to the boys for over two years now, Alvaro and Delmar have the more relaxed winter months on the Island to focus intently on their studio work and the Suruba label. The imprint, which was launched in 2007 has featured a huge array of heavyweights and newcomers alike; Robert Babicz, Gorge, Ripperton, Edu Imbernon, Amine Edge, Tigerskin and Hot Since 82 are just a small selection of their 180 strong artist label roster.

Four imprints housed under one umbrella, the Suruba Records family of imprints gives the pair an outlet for their very diverse musical tastes. Suruba’s main label is the dance floor orientated big brother; the darker edge of the sword and home to more intense, techno vibes is Suruba X; Suruba Playa releases summery, organic sounds and finally Suruba D is home to the deep house and indie releases they are keen to advocate. Over 100 releases later, Suruba Records is a success story in itself.

While the illustrious ‘Mantis EP’ still hangs thickly in the air over a year since it’s release (with the amazing remixes of Hot Since 82 and Edu Imbernon), ‘Fayer’ their latest signing on Culprit, again with Edu Imbernon, is devastating the airwaves with it’s upbeat, analog sounds. Brash guitar notes and Italo-influenced bass lines underpin the rich, multi-dimensional Los Suruba blueprint that resonates so well with fans. A legacy that will carry vibrations of the fading summer season far into the future.

Ronan Portela bio:

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ronan managed to feed on different musical genres throughout his career, experiencing various production techniques, achieving the sound that characterizes him today. Nowadays his productions are based on House, Tech House and Techno.

In 1999 he released his first self-titled album through URL Records label from former Soda Stereo Charly Alberti. After his debut album, Ronan has edited for several prestigious record labels such as Defected, Swank, OM, Big Chief, Kitsam, OneThirty among others.
Many of his works were highlighted in FTV’s compilation series and has a large catalog of productions in the national label PMB Music Brokers.

In September 2009 he released an EP "Piumino" through Someone Else’s "Foundsound" record label, reaching impressive international repercussions and this was the kick that gave him recognition and career growth. Today his productions are in high range labels such as Foundsound, Trapez, Area Remote, Bla Bla Mindshake and the list goes on...