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UK Based DJ & Producer. Primarily known for his DJ Skills with using multiple turntables seamlessly mixing all styles of Drum&Bass but also incorporating other styles of music into his sets

From buying records and starting to DJ in 2002 he is known for releasing flawless studio and radio recordings and playing his high energy Drum&Bass sets in clubs and festivals all over the world.

He is one of the few DJs within Drum and Bass to consistently tour purely due to his DJ skills without having production releases. This has been greatly helped by winning various DJ competitions and awards during the last 5 years including the Drum&Bass Arena worldwide DJ Competition and the huge Ram Records Ram100 DJ Competition which was selected by Andy C & Ram Records
This has led him to travel all across the UK with international dates across the whole of Europe also touring in Australia and the United States

Mistanoize is also the founder and CEO of an international repair and customisation company called "Turntable Pimp" that works with DJ equipment which he founded in 2009. The work involves club installations or doing one off custom sets of Technics 1200s/1210s, Pioneer CDJs or various models of mixers Using upgrade parts for performance, custom paint jobs, LED lighting or modifications to suit what the customer wants.
The company has grown stronger each year building him connections within various music scenes and giving the chance to travel across the globe with his skills.
Link to his work can be found at the bottom of this page

Drum&Bass Arena Worldwide Kam DJ Comp Winner
Ram Records Ram100 DJ Competition Winner