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house, techno

DANIEL PORTMAN (Unreleased Digital, CH)
Milla Lehto (Aces, After Hours, Pussy)
Unik (Playground)
Sebas (Visions)
Illschnitzell (Venue, Insomniacs)


ACES:n 1 v pippaloita juhlittiin kesäkuun alun helteillä ja tupa oli ACES tyyliin täynnä railakkaita juhlijoita. Parin kuukauden kesätauon jälkeen palaamme elokuun 10 pv tuoden paikalle lineupin joka ei taatusti jätä ketään kylmäksi.

Kesä viimeistellään progressiivisella ACES lineupilla! ACES tuo elokuussa vierailulle Milla Lehdon pitkäaikaisen suosikin Daniel Portmanin, joka rokkasi viime vuoden kesäkuussa ACES:n avajaisissa täpötäydelle Venuelle.

Illan avaa Konkariässä Unik intensiivisellä soundillaan ja tanssilattian Daniel Portmanille sytyttää Herttaässänä tunnettu Milla Lehto. Daniel Portmanin Ässä soundi on villinnyt tanssilattiaa kerta toisensa jälkeen ja luvassa on taatusti Venuen katon paikaltaan siirtävä setti jälleen kerran.

Playgroundin uumenissa kuullaan mielenkiintoiset b2b-setit. Houseässät Sebas ja Illschnitzell lumoavat setillään bilettäjän kuin bilettäjän. Asteen napakampaa soundia tarjoilevat illan lopussa ensimmäistä kertaa b2b-setin soittavat ArturV & Mongimong.

Aces is a new, strong and emotional club concept which started at Venue in June. Our goal is to bring here the hottest artists from the House music scene. Our Game Dealer is Milla Lehto who personally selects the Aces for every night. All the main artists are her favorites and have inspired not only her, but also her audience throughout the years on her gigs.

Aces is all about variations of the house music and emotions.

For those about to Dance we salute you!



DANIEL PORTMAN (Unreleased Digital, CH)

Milla Lehto (Aces, After Hours, Pussy)

Unik (Playground)


Sebas (Visions) b2b Illschnitzell (Venue, Insomniacs)

ArturV b2b Monigimong



Saturday 10.8.2012 // 22:00-04:00 // Age 18


Venue & Playground
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki


Door: 10€ before 23:00, after 13€


From Tiketti,

10€ + bf 1,2€ (total price 11,2€ + service fee)

VIP tickets (only 100 ticket for sale)
21,2 € including booking fee (+ service fee)

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue
-Special gift @ Venue (ask from ticket seller)
-No queuing at the afterparty entrance @ Playground (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)

SUPER VIP ticket only from email: [email protected]
450€ SUPER VIP for 10 people (only 1 table for sale)

SUPER VIP ticket includes:

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue and escorting to the table
-Table reserved for all night next to the stage
-1 bottle of Grey Goose Vodka + mixers, 2 bottles of sparkling wine
-No queuing at the afterparty entrance @ Playground (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)





Daniel Portman bio

Daniel Portman was born and raised in the suburbs of Zurich, Switzerland. He fell in love with electronic music at a very young age: It was the late 90s, with all its ups and downs, when young Daniel started to test his musical abilities on an Akai2000 sampler and an old sequencer.

Mid 2000s his first EP “Backside / Evolution” was released on Unreleased Digital. Followed by the EP “I never sleep”. Tracks came up on labels such as Harem Records, Big & Dirty, Armada, AnjunaDeep or on PinkStar Records next to releases on his homebase label Unreleased Digital.
He’s also known for successful collab productions with Jerome Isma-Ae and Stanley Ross.

Rapidly he gained a big base of fans from all corners of the world, and his agenda got fully booked with DJ gigs on all continents. He made quite a heavy assault on the DJ scene performing on events in front of more than 10’000 people.

Over the years Daniel designed a forward thinking and unique style of house music, which can be described as a mixture of progressive house and techno. But also with an ability to infuse cutting edge machine music with soulful grooves. Therefore his productions regularly fill the top positions of Beatport’s Top 100 chart and are fast becoming staples for DJs everywhere.