TRIP TO GOA w. ENTHEOGENIC (FRA) first time in Finland!

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breaks, chill, experimental, psy, techno, trance

ENTHEOGENIC (FRA, Universal Symbiosis, Chillcode)
Recue Live (Audiobaum)
Lunar Vegetarian Live (Moon Koradji)
Lergoi Volacheck Live (Goa)
Tim Duster (Back2Mad, Sunstation)
Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip)
Aegonox (Goa, Agitato)
Toma Susi (Valveuni)
Eerror (Entropy)

Macic is back. We proudly present: ENTHEOGENIC, first time in Finland!

Hyvät naiset ja herrat. Goa klubi saa suuren kunnian hostaa Entheogenicin ensimmäisen esiintymisen Suomessa. Nämä bileet ovat suoraa jatkoa vuoden takaiselle TRIP TO GOA w. OTT bileille. Jos tykkäät Shponglesta, Ottista tai Vibraspherestä, niin näitä bileitä ei todellakaan kannata jättää väliin! Entheogenic on muuten tehnyt yhteisbiisejä Ottin ja Vibraspheren kanssa ;)

Niinkuin line-upista näkyy, niin nämä bileet ovat vahvasti painottuneet psykedeeliseen chillout ja alternative musiikkiin, jota on meiltä monesti toivottu lisää. Loppuilta mennään pääpuolella kuitenkin perinteisesti psykebiittien tahdissa jotka tarjoavat Tim Duster, Nebula Meltdown ja Aegonox.

ENTHEOGENIC (FRA, Universal Symbiosis, Chillcode)
Recue Live (Audiobaum)
Lunar Vegetarian Live (Moon Koradji)
Lergoi Volacheck Live (Goa)

Tim Duster (Back2Mad, Sunstation)
Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip)
Aegonox (Goa, Agitato)
Toma Susi (Valveuni)
Eerror (Entropy)

Decorations: Vesa Peltonen, Petteri Jerkku
VJ: Metamystik (Aura Of Goa)

Early bird tickets: 12eur (limited amount!), from Cybershop Asematunneli
Presale tickets: 15eur from Cybershop Asematunneli, 16eur+bf from Tiketti
Door tickets: 18eur (if any left)

Planned timetables:

21:00 - 22:00 Lunar Vegetarian LIVE (chill/ambient)
22:00 - 23:00 Recue LIVE (chillout/alternative)
23:00 - 01:00 ENTHEOGENIC (dub/chillout)
01:00 - 02:00 Aegonox (psytrance)
02:00 - 03:30 Tim Duster B2B Nebula Meltdown (fullon/goa)

23:00 - 01:00 Eerror (tech/deep house)
01:00 - 02:30 Toma Susi (chillout)
02:30 - 03:30 Lergoi Volacheck LIVE (breiks/electro)


Entheogenic is a musical project consisting of Piers Oak-Rhind and Helmut Glavar that crosses musical style boundaries. According to the two members, the music mixes "coloristic electrophonics" with "impressionistic orchestra-like sound".

The use of both eastern and western vocals, tribal sounding instruments, as well as an array of synthesizers built the foundation of the Entheogenic sound. Their epic soundscapes manipulated through sound effects and catalystic sonic experimentations have a semi-classical feel to them. Entheogenic also records and uses a large amount of "natural samples" - water, human voices, animals, etc.

According to some people[who?], Entheogenic was one of the two major psybient projects (the other being Shpongle) whose experimentation influenced the psychedelic electronic scene. Entheogenic's first release "Entheogenic" is a concept album that recounts the tale of an Ayahuasca journey, with layered trance melodies and texturally rich arrangements. Three labels bid for the release: the former UK based Flying Rhino, the German based Cosmophilia and the Spanish 3D Vision. The album was released on 3D Vision Records.

In 2003, their second album "Spontaneous Illumination" released on c.o.r.n. recordings was the first psy-chill album ever to make it to number 1 in the German Chill-out charts. Their first two albums were noted for their epic thematic lengthly tunes. Both albums feature the work of Sound Engineer Glenn Schick (Morcheeba, Ludacris etc.) In 2005, "Dialogue of the Speakers" (Chillcode Records), continued the success of its predecessor, and went straight to Number 1 in the German charts, where it remained for 24 weeks. "Golden Cap" (Chillcode Records) was released in 2006. G.C. was received by their now quite large following with a love-hate attitude.

Entheogenic was formed in 1999 by producer, engineer, songwriter Piers Oak-Rhind and Helmut Glavar. The duo met while working for Emagic (a former producer of music-studio software and hardware such as Logic, acquired by Apple Inc. in 2002). The name Entheogenic is derived from the term Entheogen coined in 1979 by a group of ethnobotanists and mythology scholars to describe psychedelic substances used in a religious or shamanic context.


Recue is the musical outlet of Riku Annala, a producer/musician hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Musically Recue is exploring left field of electronic music, regardless of genres. The music is often referred to as having heavy influences of dub, ambient, bass focused downtempo and even techno but it’s better to leave it for the listener to place the tag.

Something which started as a home studio project, manifested as the first Recue release titled “Between Stations” in 2006 on the Louisville based electronica netlabel One. The release was well received and resulted in the bedroom project to move on-stage. Since then Recue has performed in wide range of events from small club nights and lounges to large outdoor festivals.

In 2008 the second Recue album titled “All the Wrong Places” was released on London based label Rednetic Recordings. The album’s CD edition was sold out quickly and the release was featured extensively in the soundtrack of the TV-series Madventures, which opened the music yet to a wider audience.
In the end of 2010 a freely downloadable collection of Recue live tracks and studio experimentations was released by a fresh Finnish independent record label Audiobaum set up by the frequent collaboration partner Jolea. The release is titled “Leftover Love” and the album is a good cut out of the variance that Recue’s music has to offer.

In addition to the material on the albums, remixes for other artists have been featured on labels like Civil Music and Recue has been fortunate to be getting support from DJ’s like Kid Kameleon and James Zabiela. Recue has also contributed commissioned music and sound design for other works, such as a recent score/soundtrack for a theatre play.

Lunar Vegetarian (aka Soladria):

Lunar Vegetarian is Psychedelic oneman project. Matt wanted to surf waves beoynd the known reality, so he started to arrange electronic music and play keyboards some planetary cycles ago.

Lergoi Volacheck:

Tim Duster (Rye Smugglers):

Tim Duster started perform in underground parties in Helsinki and surroundings early 2000 as a dj. People was quite excited to hear psychedelic trance in clubs and it was a fresh wave for the underground scene what was mainly influenced only with techno, hardcore and progressive trance at the time, so there was a straight order for something bit more twisted and Tim hit it at the optimal time.
Fast Tim became a known from his agressive beat mixing style and talent to play almost any kind of event/style what was reguested and it was a beginning of psytrance evolution for the bigger crowds in the capital of Finland.

Currently working also on producing own music with Kristian (Nebula Meltdown) under project name Rye Smugglers. That soon will see the light on Sun Station Records as well.

Nebula Meltdown (Rye Smugglers):

Nebula Meltdown is Kristian Aro, a versatile artist/dj from Helsinki, Finland. He has a long musical background, listening to classical music since he was very young and playing the piano for many years. He got interested in electronic music when he was very young, finding his way into psychedelic trance and various psychedelic downtempo after going through many styles of electronic music. After dreaming about composing for a few years he started to make his own tunes in 2000 and is still on the same road.

He has created many different styles of music from soaring UK-style psytrance to oldschool influenced Goa trance to soothing downtempo and psybient. He is very precise in having a red line to follow throughout his tracks, taking the listener into places and is always fine-tuning his music with careful precision. During the years he has put up some memorable trance events in Finland and travelled around Europe, Russia and India performing numerous gigs in various indoor and outdoor events during the years.

In 2009 he became a label dj for Suntrip Records and has released a couple of Goa trance tracks on their compilations. Since the end of 2011 he has heavily resided in his studio, working on his first full-length goatrance album which will be out later in 2013 from Suntrip and a short 4-track psytrance EP which will also be released during 2013.


DJ Aegonox is Golan Lampi (also known as DJ Peter Pan, Dreaml4nd and Neural Waves) from Finland. He is the mastermind behind a club called Goa from Helsinki Finland and responsible from numerous outstanding club and underground events in Finland that have been an important part of electronic music culture of Helsinki for many years. In addition for being a talented DJ capable to throwing a set in almost any substyle of psytrance (and a few other styles like tech-house/tribal) he has designed tens of lineups (most of them multi-stage) with hundreds of artists and international names like Vibrasphere, Ott, Space Buddha, Prometheus, Talamasca, Ticon, Artifact303, Gappeq, Texas Faggott, and many many others.

Aegonox is label DJ of Agitato Records, Dream Vision Media and Mind Control Records and in addition to Finland has played in places like Japan, Netherlands, Bali and Estonia. Aegonox is also a long time actor in Entropy, a finnish non-profit organization whose mission is to promote underground electronic music culture in Finland. Aegonox has also background in Japan where he was living in 2004-2005.

Toma Susi (Karudev Rudra):

Toma Susi is one of the promoters of Valveuni group that is specialized in chillout parties. He used to be also one of promoters in club [:REIV] and has also organized parties in Entropy. He is specialized in beautiful chillout music as shown above.


Eerror is one of the rising stars in Entropy and Helsinki underground scene. He is known of energetic tech-house / minimal / techno sets.

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