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Underground, Helsinki

Room 1 Hosted by: MC Cypha & MC Phantom >> Soundsystem by UPM11
22.00 LRS b2b Shaymin
00.00 LunaChill
01.00 Defo
02.00 Amoss (UK)
03.30 Trisector
04.30 Criba & Fubar
06.00 Snapo
07.00 Leo Letku

Room 2 >> Soundsystem by Ivah Sound

22.00 Anne Karoliina
23.00 AP Kostet
00.00 DOOMSDAY (Ore, Ray Den, Toby One)
03.00 Prospero
04.00 Nova Six
05.00 Yonagual
06.00 Pletova

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KILPAILU: Kutsu DNB -tietoiset ystäväsi mukaan facebook-tapahtumaan. Kaikkien kutsujien kesken arvotaan 2 vapaalippua tapahtumaan ja nimmareilla varustettu Amossin vinyylijulkaisu ;) Ilmoita itsestäsi alle kommentoimalla kutsuttujen lukumäärä! 300 osallistujan kohdalla suoritetaan arvonta

Amoss is a result of a passion for music and the lonely abandon of the Herefordshire countryside. The duo first met at a High School party circa 2006 and consequently decided to begin a musical partnership after sharing a bottle of Cointreau and discussing their love for Slayer. After a few years of various bands and their discovery of electronic music, they delved into the realms of Drum and Bass. Quickly developing a taste for the techstep styles of Renegade Hardware and Moving Shadow. With a pair of belt-drive Numarks, copy of Ableton 5 and a few issues of Computer Music Magazine, Amoss was born.

Skip forward to December 2010 and the duo saw their first 12" single released on Cyclone Recordings in the form of the half-time muddy dub influenced track ‘Glurg Monster’ which marked the first of many releases to come. The duo established themselves within the forefront of Drum & Bass in 2011 as ones to watch with their debut on legendary label Renegade Hardware with their tune 'Flex' on the Inception EP.
Since then, the pair have built a significant discography to their name, releasing with some of the most forward thinking labels within Drum & Bass and receiving DJ support from the likes of Spectrasoul, Ant TC1, Doc Scott, Ulterior Motive, London Elektricity, BTK, Nymfo, DJ Storm, Loxy and many more.

With two track appearances on the 2012 Renegade Hardware ‘Horsementality’ LP, curated by none other than Loxy & Ink, marking a milestone in both Andy and James’ personal goals. A long relationship with Horizons Music has seen fan-favourites such as ‘Tripped’ and ‘Real Talk’ blast through the ranks.

Their highlight of 2012 though was the release of their ‘State of Suspension’ EP on Dispatch Recordings, a 5 track display of true tech funk inspired Drum and Bass, featuring a celebrated collaboration with MC Fokus and a return pairing with Italian producer Dabs. The EP was labeled by DJ Storm as “massive”, and saw the number one spot in both digital and vinyl charts across various stores.

Now in 2013, the duo are looking towards a year of experimentation and collaboration, with the ambition to bring their influences from further afield to their already vast sound. Expect a foray into the aggressive and rhythmic, to the atmospheric and evocative.

As DJs, they focus on delivering a broad spectrum of sounds that has gained a solid reputation amongst the UK and Europe. Headlining the Meeting Points festival in the Czech Republic alongside Lynx & Kemo, playing at both the Moat and Dungeon stages at Outlook Festival 2011 & 2012 in support, as well as their own headline shows throughout Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, and Germany to name a few.Taking pride in supporting the wealth of brilliant music their scene has to offer, the duo are constantly searching for music from new and upcoming producers offering variation where others opt for the tried and tested. Their efforts have not gone unrecognized, with massive support for their Horizons Music and Renegade Hardware podcasts and their latest hosting of the Dispatch Recordings show on Kane FM, Amoss mixes are always in high demand.


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