F.U.C. presents: ☼ Breath of Summer ☼

  From until   Age limit: 18  
Teatteriklubi, Joensuu   Show map  
disco, house, psy, trance

Jorgos Petrovsky (Tampere, F.U.C.) ♪ psy
Curry (Joensuu, F.U.C.) ♪ tech house/ibiza style
akizEh (Heinola, F.U.C.) ♪ trance/electro/house
Miste (Nastola, F.U.C.) ♪ electro/disco

Fri 19.7.2013
Finno-Ugric Connection [F.U.C.] proudly presents:

At 20:00 - 03:00
@Teatteriklubi, Joensuu

Entrance: 0€ | Age: 18

A thousands of years ago, deep in the northernmost mountains of Scandinavia, the ancient indigenous people of Sámi gathered together in celebration for the Sun-deity Beaivi.

The sacred ceremony begun at sundown and continued through-out to the next sunrise. The rituals involved revolved around happiness, social interactions, music and dance.

In recollection of our ancestors Finno-Ugric Connection brings back the fest known as The Breath of Summer.

We begin our contemplation at sundown as our mediators will bring you the evolved form of ceremonial, Sun worshiping music.

Join us for this exclusive mind illuminating experience that will establish the connection to your roots.