Findustry Schools out

  From until   Tickets 10€   Age limit: 18…/elektrik-produkts  
On The Rocks, Helsinki   Show map

Fri 31.5.

22 Diablerie
23 ThE PhysicistS
00 Fear of domination
01 Proteus Live featuring Adam Lab4 & ErilaZ

DJ:t Kryotechnik(Rauschenmaschine), MG(Khroma), Emanon(Infektio)

VJ Biolume

Sat 1.6.

22 -sihiL
23 Khroma
00 Iiwanajulma
01 Verjnuarmu

DJ:t: aQi(Hellfire club), Toxic green(Findustry), Freak(Findustry)

VJ Biolume


As spring turns to summer Findustry industrial freakhorde, the synthetic distortionposse, the gang of relentless low frequency motherfuckers takes over On the Rocks with a bang and a boom!! And then an other!! Check it out yourself: We got the basedrum kicking the subwoofers ass on 110 Bbm average. After a short calculation this results in 60 min/hour* 110 Beats per minute * 7 hours/night* 2 nights = 92400 bangs and booms= 92,4 kBooms = The mother of all booms= The Boomempire = The industrialparty of the decade!! YO!! Be there or be defined by A=aexp2