Sequence: BEEP, DOOMSDAY DJs (Dubstep Special) at Playground

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BEEP (Olpek & Cstar, Gwan Positiv), DOOMSDAY (Ore, Ray Den, Toby One), Jahtafari, Trey, Prospero

Se-quence : A following of one thing after another; succession.

Sequence proudly presents a Dubstep Special!

Prepare youself for heavy hitting basslines, rude breakdowns, filthy breaks alongside the more musical & melodic dub orinetated area of the dubstep genre. Bringing you both sides of the coin, there will be a style and sound for any basshead in the building. As for the end of the night, two of the sequence resident dj's will make sure the party goes out with a BANG, providing heavy skanking drum and bass till the the last sucker drops!


BEEP (Olpek & Cstar, Gwan Positiv)

BEEP is a multitalented vocalist "Cstar" alongside the Finnish DJ/producer "Olpek". Beeps meditative sound have stayed the same true the trends of dubstep with strong influences of dub and grime. Their releases on Bassism Records and their fresh live sets has given them a special place in the Finnish dubstep scene. Tunes like Morning, Darkness, 21g and Longpaper has also been rinsed in dubstep parties and radio shows around the world. So you can really say that these two have carried the Finnish Dubstep torch a long way.

Besides making music they are also some of the founders behind the Helsinki based soundsystem Gwan Positiv, supporting underground festivals and clubs with a heavy soundsystem.

DOOMSDAY (Ore, Ray Den, Toby One)

Founded in early 2012, Doomsday is a collective of four dj's - Toby One, Ray Den, Ore and LunaChill. Their sounds are wide in variety, ranging from classic bassheavy dubstep to deep drum & bass and everything in between. Doomsday is also a club that has brought the likes of Sleeper, TMSV and L-OW to Helsinki alongside talented local producers and deejays.


JAHTAFARI (Ivah Sound)

TREY (Ivah Sound, Helsinki Jungle Mafia)

PROSPERO (Ivah Sound, Basstards)

When: 22:00-04:00, 31.3.2013
Where: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
Entrance: 7€ / 5€ before midnight.

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