Psychedelic Reincarnation

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 18  
Ravintola Wanha Weijari, Kerava   Show map  
psy, trance

- Shatter Sound (Loop Syndicate)
- Sini (Electrium Records, Aura)
- Doomink (Underdog Collective, Kolina-Produktio)
- Etlforia (Rebirth)
- Mendez Machine

**Custom made decoration for this even by Flowers of Life**

Spring starts to warm the grey scenery away from the winter and it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the expeditions of next summer. Rebirth association starts to make its place in the Finnish music scene, with the idea of supporting the underground music genres so that they can be heard and seen! Now it’s time for our festivals first pre- party, which is held at Kerava, bar Wanha Weijari. Please come to enjoy good company, art, music and people with us and show your support to the Rebirth's activities!

8€ Ticket price includes coat service