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Puikkari Discothequé, Kuopio  
experimental, techno, urban

Yonagual [ Zenon Records ], PuG, H0N3ST [ UPM11 ], AXTRADAMUS [ UPM11 ], Tesno [ VOEMA ], Rufus Steps



Arktinen hypnoosi iskee Puikkariin, kun kylmimmät teknon ja dubstepin pyörittäjät asettuvat lumiselle valtaistuimelle levysoittimien ja painemittareiden äärelle. Luvassa syvimmältä luotaavimmat ja hypnoottisimmat rytmit mitä on kuopiossa kuultu, niin helsinkiläisiltä kuin paikallisilta Dj:ltä.

Liput: 4e
Narikka: 3e

Line Up:

Yonagual (Zenon Records)


H0N3ST (UPM11, Matala, dekod/.r) USA


Tesno (VOEMA)

Rufus Steps


22.00 Rufus Steps (Minimal)
23.00 Tesno (Techno/House)
00.00 AXTRADAMUS (Deep Dubstep)
01.00 H0N3ST (Deep Techno)
02.00 PuG (Progressive House/Techno)
02.45 Yonagual (TechProg)

Yonagual (Zenon Records)

In a year not so long ago, Joona a.k.a. Yonagual, discovered the powerful sound of psychedelic trance. As a person with a passion for music, he instantly became obsessed with wielding its power and sharing the experience with those who seek it.
Hailing from Finland, Yonagual plays a deep, dancefloor-friendly progressive sound, creating ultra-groovy soundscapes for nights and days alike. He is very active in the party scene in his home country, and has had the privilege to perform in Russia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. He wishes to travel far and wide to spread the sound of Zenon and ultimately hold the galaxy in a iron grip of everlasting grooviness

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