Eco Trance Celebration with CHROMOSOME LIVE (swe)

  From until   Tickets 20€  
Tropical Paradise of Gardenia, Helsinki  

Chromosome LIVE (SWE), Endorian (SWE), Sono Ecstasy, Nebula Meltdown, Shishya, Maximus, Abrakabim

Eco Trance Plant Mystery is excited and delighted to present the next unique psychedelic celebration of Tripura Sundari (the universal energy of Love, Beauty and Harmony).

Tropical Dance Floor:
21.00 - 21.45 Poems in Motion & Opening Ceremony [ Maïa - Dance Art ]
21.45 - 23.30 Sono Ecstasy
23.30 - 01.15 Endorian
01.15 - 02.45 Chromosome LIVE
02:45 - 03:00 Crystallization & gratitude meditation
In addition there will be breathtaking performances by MoodforHoop and Gaëlle Jeanine [ Aerial Hoop ]

Chill Out Magicians:
21.45 - 23.00 Maximus
23.00 - 00.15 Nebula Meltdown
00.15 - 01.30 Shishya
01.30 - 02.45 Abrakabim

Doors open at 20.45.

LotusLounge Bar will provide delicious organic and raw delights; crunchy snacks, cakes, raw chocolate sweets, chai, power smoothies, chaga drinks and more...

Everything will be created in high spirit and the quality of this event will be outstanding!

The venue is Gardenia in Viikki, Helsinki - a tropical paradise of rainforest athosphere and real south east asian plants & trees.. simply amazing:

Tickets are 20e in advance and 25e at the door - there are only 150 places, so to guarantee your entry please buy in advance :) Available from Cybershop asematunneli & Natha, Freda 34a1 starting from 8.10.

See you soon in states of beneficial blissful trance :)

With Love ♥

Eco Trance Team

P.S. This celebration is 100% drug and alcohol free, please take into account that you won't be let inside while drunk or intoxicated because it would affect the field of the party which is created by everyone there ♥

Chromosome bio:
Andy Nilsson (..78) & Linus Eriksson (..82) from Sweden are the companions behind the continuing project Chromosome, lived previously in Metropols like Amsterdam, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands and in a villa at the Portuguese Riviera. Education and background: Schooled Musicians and Sound Technicians, conducting choirs at age 7, bought first synth at 8 and father of Anders released 13 albums as violinist and inspired Chromosome to pursuit own career. At 18 while working with musicals and doing sound engineering they discovered the mystical magical dimension of trance, and love as a foundation for living. “Discovering oneself as the source” as Alex Grey so articularly puts it. This led them to produce their first Vinyl release on the now legendary Spiral Trax. It has from then until now been a constant time zone shifting, touring the most insane sceneries and festivals; The Boom, Natraj Temple, Rainbow Serpent, Trancendence, Ozora. Developing soft and hard-ware for the Gypsy MidiSuit with Sonalog in the UK. Remixed artists like: Jean Michelle Jarre, Bamboo Forest, Silicon Sound, Logic Bomb. Received “..Great Works..” reviews by the number one label Dragonfly Records for the latest Album.

Endorian Biography:
Endorian is the psychedelic trance project by Linus Eriksson, from the enchanted forests of Sweden. He found the love for music very early in life, and started out with playing the piano. In his early youth he also discovered, understood and embraced the potential of computers, especially for the creational process of music making. This tool became an important one to master in the digital age that would follow...

When reaching sixteen earth years he discovered the magical realms of psychedelic music, mainly trance but also ambient. This was clearly a mind-opener and important inspiration for his own musical creations. Not long after that he got the chance to play his music for the first time, out in the deep forests of the North. A seed was planted and he was sure that this was something he was meant to do!

In the years following there was a lot of collaboration going on with friends, which spawned a few different projects, one was "Dendroid", which focused more on the typical scandinavian forest sound. A few years later he teamed up with Anders Nilsson for the project "Chromosome", and released a first full length album on Dream Vision Media. After performing in almost all the corners of the world with the Chromosome project, and improving skills such as djing and producing, it was then time for more focus for the solo project Endorian. The style of his music and dj-sets varies from deep mystical forest fairytale to high vibrations of organic unifying sunshine blast! Endorian's sets have been known to dispel the clouds.

Sono Ecstasy Biography:
Sono Ecstasy started dj:ing in the end of 2006 after being in love with psychedelic trance for several years. Until now he's been entertaining the dance floors mainly in Finland, Denmark and Sweden.
He loves to play all styles of psy-trance, from brilliant morning tunes to the more crunchy and groovy forest flavours, lately focusing on more progressive-psy spiced up with elevating, ecstatic melodies and strong, soul-penetrating beats. He is one of the founding members of the international Eco Trance Plant Mystery Organization. Currently he is integrating into the swedish scene, for example he played at the Serendipity festival this summer 2012.

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