Future Disco w/ Lovebirds (GER)

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Lovebirds (GER)
Tapio K

As the autumn is creeping it’s way to winter time, our nights are only getting warmer. Two previous nights have shown us that Helsinki surely has a taste for contemporary house and disco, and the good news is that the best is yet to come from our end. Our third guest artist will be brought to you for the first time in Helsinki, Lovebirds! This Hamburg based guy has been raising his recognition among house music lovers for many years now. All of those who have heard his soulful deep house anthem “Want You In My Soul feat Stee Downes” know who we are talking about, but for those new to him – you’re in for a treat. In the beginning of his currently 15-year career he was known as one half of Knee Deep. Aside from making a number of underground hits, he was then remixing the likes of Jamiroquai (3 times), Bob Sinclar, David Morales and Brandy. As Knee Deep begun to enter the deeper side of house music, Lovebirds was born. Now after countless releases on labels like Winding Road Records, Freerange, Toolroom, Buzzin’ Fly, OM Records and Liebe Detail his production process has found it’s master class threshold level. He has also produced hits for other artists, like Ben Westbeech’s “Falling”. As he is now working on a full-length album, we are excited to hear his new material!

Before Lovebirds we have two dj-sets of futuristic disco and house by resident Tapio K and an upcoming local talent Lexa. No doubt you’ll find yourself already in the groove before Lovebirds takes you on a ride with his spaceship. As usual, look out for giveaway Future Disco t-shirts and CD albums.



The first Lovebirds release appeared on Trax of Interest in 2000. In 2006, having built up a repertoire of unsigned material, he sent a CD to John Buckby, label owner of Winding Road Records and a mutual friend of Vincenzo. The first Lovebirds single on Winding Road was the ‘Modern Stalking’ EP, which came out in 2007. The EP contained tracks of mid-tempo house, each coming from a different musical angle and giving the world a taste of what he was capable of. It was received by the deep house and neo-disco community with open arms. Top-flight DJ’s such as Prins Thomas, Ashley Beedle and Jimpster went wild for it. Bill Brewster made the EP the Single Of The Month in iDJ magazine. Lovebirds had landed.

Since then he was responsible for a huge number of clubhits including deep house masterpieces like “M.U.S.I.C.” (on Vincenzos and his very own imprint TEARDROP), the modern deep house classic “In The Shadows” (on Winding Road) or dancefloor bomb “The Rat” (on Freerange).

Although the Lovebirds name has burst onto the scene only a couple of years ago, Basti is no beginner in the production game. Basti formed Kneedeep, together with old friend Toddie Freese in 1998. Knee Deep became a household name in the dance scene, leading to international DJ gigs and mountains of remix work. As Kneedeep, Basti has remixed Jamiroquai 3 times, as well as Bob Sinclair, David Morales, Brandy, and many others, even winning the prestigious “best remixer” category in the 2002 German Dance Awards in the process (beating Timo Maas along the way). Also their epic “Nassau Rules” was voted track of that year in DJ magazine.

A few years on, Basti had achieved all he wanted to with Knee Deep, and was ready to move into more deeper, melancholy musical avenues. And so Lovebirds was born, which is now his main project. His production experience means that he is able to finish well-rounded tracks off in a matter of days, constantly building a repertoire of classy dancefloor and mellow sounds all destined to wow the world.

The process is well on its way already. The cream of the dance world has its eyes on Lovebirds. Tom Middleton is a big fan. Jimpster has just signed up some tracks for his third EP on Freerange. Ben Watt is in regular contact and has signed a track for one of his recent compilations. Basti is involved in fruitful collaborations with Ben Westbeech, Holly Backler, Lisa Shaw and other artists. His Track “Falling” for Ben Westbeechs current album was chosen to be first single among big names like MJ Cole, Soul Clap, Hendrik Schwarz, MCDE … and was a huge clubhit including some stunning remixes from Deetron.

Currently he is working on his first full length electronic pop album with a singer from Tokyo. Musically it is situated somewhere between Little Dragon, Phoenix and AIR! Also various single releases on Freerange, Teardrop and Toolroom are scheduled for 2011.