White Party with Eduardo De La Torre (Berlin / Ibiza)

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Dj Edu De La Torre (Salvation, Berlin / Sucia, Ibiza)

Zacharias Tiempo (Guareber rec, La Beaute, DTM)

Miikka (DTM)

Are you ready for Annual DTM White Party with hot hot boys, babes and beats!

Join us and dress up in WHITE!

This premier GAY indoor venue in the heart of Helsinki DTM deliver an exciting dance party night and over the top production complete with live shows, performances and internationally renowned DJs that will have you dancing until dawn.

Paikka: DTM, Mannerheimintie 6

Aika: Pe 17.8.2012

Klo 21 - 04. Ikäraja K-18

Liput: 10e DTM, ovelta

Artist of event:

Dj Edu De La Torre (Salvation, Berlin / Sucia, Ibiza)

Zacharias Tiempo (Guareber rec, La Beaute, DTM)

Miikka (DTM)

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Guest DJ is one of the hottest Circuit Dj´s over Europe!

Dj Edu De La Torre (Salvation, Berlin / Sucia, Ibiza)

Eduardo has loved house music since he first started going clubbing in his home country Venezuela. At the age of 16 he moved to Miami and had the chance to hear the different sides of house music. After he finished high school and had more time to dedicate to music, he began mixing the music he had bought. A year later he moved to spain and experienced the best clubs in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia, then had the chance to experience Holland's club sound. Soon after he moved to Germany with all his DJ equipment, played sets in a venue called Generation Bar where he learnt from other DJs. In Germnay he played for events including Hamburg Pride 2007 2009, Gay Happening, Pearls of the Night, Clubs United Hamburg, HEAVEN LONDON, Gay Convention Krefeld to name a few. His first gig in London was at FUTURE (COLOSSEUM), a very famous after party. He has since moved to London to dedicate 100% of his time to his passion. He loves the connection with the croud though music. He enjoys playing all kinds of House music: Funky, Tribal, Latin, Vocal, Electro and anything good that fill the dancefloor. after joining a monthly resident MATINEE GROUP LONDON for over 2 years, he is now moved back to Germany, and settled in berlin wehre he finished his degree as a Electronic music producer. at the moment he is running residencies with well known clubs as 136GRAD hamburg as a main resident(www.136grad.com) , ROCCO copenhagen, PINK INK HAMBURG, MATINEE LONDON, SALVATION Berlin, BEYOND London.

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Local support, smile and shine by:

Zacharias Tiempo (Guareber rec, DTM)

Zacharias is co-founder of the HouseAmigo DJs based in Helsinki after living years in London playing in venues such as MINISTRY OF SOUND, TURNMILLS, PACHA, HOXTON PONY and others, guesting like THE GALLERY and polysexual club giants PUSHCA at varied events across London, and Helsinki. All this in addition to playing in many major cities across the global dance floors alongside with some of the biggest headliners from Roger Sanchez, Danny Verde, Taito Tikaro, Danny Rampling through to Thomas Gold. With professional DJ experience for 10 years, producing dance music and running club nights in London and Helsinki since 2006. His work has been released on dance labels like: GUAREBER, FESTIBALAZO, FEEL FREE, SPINNIN', PLAY DIGITAL, PEPPERMINT JAM. Recently won one of the most prolific Tribal/Progressive House label the GUAREBER RECORDINGS Remix Contest with the remix of: Fran Ramirez ft. Particia Ledig – Echo (HouseAmigo DJs Remix).

More info and music at:

Facebook:Dj Zacharias Tiempo
Twitter: Zacharias Tiempo
Facebook: HouseAmigo DJs

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