Distortion presents "The Magic Show"

  From until   Tickets 10€   Age limit: 18  
Club Venue, Helsinki   Show map  

Juized (NL), Tartaros (NL), Kevin Kaos (NL), Sasha F, The Large, Efialtes, Therapist, Screecher, Serine. DJ Rx, Leo Laker, Yediah, Skitzofrenik, Daniel Scroya, Tom Volt, CRS, Toni L, Graffioso

Hollannin festivaalikesä saapuu Suomeen! Q-Dance radiosta tuttu, ja nykyään myös labelinä toimiva The Magic Show rantautuu 10.8 Venuelle. Yhteensä kolme stagea ja kolme ulkomaanartistia käsittävä tapahtuma tulee olemaan luokassaan ennennäkemätön. Lavalla tullaan näkemään The Magic Show:n kovimmat residentit Juized ja Tartaros, sekä pitkän uran tehnyt legenda Kevin Kaos. Iltaa pohjustamassa nähdään myös tottakai liuta kotimaisia huippusoittajia.


Main Stage (Venue):

Juized (The Magic Show, NL)
Tartaros (The Magic Show, NL)
Kevin Kaos (Hardcopy Records, NL)
Sasha F (TiLLT Records)
The Large (Mindcore)
Efialtes (Distortion)
Screecher (Distortion)
Therapist (Distortion)
Serine (Distortion)

Lounge (Venue):
Toni L

Alternative Stage (Playground):

Leo Laker (LKRMusic)
Yediah (FINRG Hybridize)
Tom Volt b2b Skitzofrenik (Mindcore)
Daniel Scroya (Mindcore)


Date: Friday 10.8.2012 - 21:00 - 04:00

Location: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, Helsinki

Tickets: 10€

Age: 18


Juized (The Magic Show, NL)

In 2011 a new artist prepared the world for a new dimension. The Magic Show introduced Juized into the harddance scene with some amazingly fresh hits.

A combination of fresh new beats and an incredible talent is the best way to describe Juized. Within several months after his first introduction he has already had his tracks played at events such as Defqon, Dance Valley, Decibel and The Qontinent.

Juized got support by several respected names in hardstyle such as Deepack, Adaro and Crypsis. With the talent that he has to offer, he is tipped to be one of those performances you just can’t miss! Juized is a name that can’t be ignored.

With a mix of euphoric, raw and experimental sounds, he will seize the world.


Tartaros (The Magic Show, NL)

In 2011, The Magic Show presented one of their future stars. Tartaros proved to be one of the most talented artists that the harddance scene has seen for years.

With a unique style and a sizeable amount of hits, he conquered the international dance floors. Leading hardstyle artists, such as B-Front, Crypsis and Frequencerz, immediately supported his tracks. Tartaros’ tracks have been played out on pretty much every big festival such as Defqon, Nature One, Q-base and Decibel.

With successful performances on the main stage of WiSH Outdoor and The Qontinent, he has shown thousands of people what he is capable of. Tartaros his first solo release, The Dark Age E.P, will be released on The Magic Show Records. With a lot of high quality productions coming up he is one of the leading artists on this record label.

Keep your ears and eyes open because this artist will hit the official download stores with some huge bombs!


Kevin Kaos (Hardcopy Records, NL)

With his own distinguishable style Kevin became a respected DJ and Producer in the Hardstyle Scene! With performances on the biggest stages such as Qlimax, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Hardbass, Global Gathering World Tour and The Qontinent, Kevin travels around the world and has played at events in countries like South-Africa, England, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Poland and Austria.

Musicwise he released his first E.P.’s at Straight On Recordings back in 2007. Nowadays Kevin is signed to the well-known Dutch Hardstyle label ‘’ Hardcopy Recordings’’.

On this label he has already released a lot of floor filling tracks such as ‘’Legend’’, ‘’Electric Future’’, Hard, S.A.D. & Get Down, which are supported by all major artists in the scene and featured on numerous compilations and the worlds biggest Radio shows from Australia to Japan to Poland to all of Europe.

With his unique and energetic style on stage and with his forthcoming tracks and remixes he will infect every single hard dance crowd on dance floors and festivals everywhere around the globe!



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