ACES feat. FORMAT:B (Formatik, GER)

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house, techno

FORMAT:B (Formatik, GER)
Milla Lehto (Aces, After Hours, Pussy Eau de Club)
Flink (Playground)
Niko Geselle (Mixxed)
Sebas (Visions Collective)
Kari M (Prima)
Jekaterina (Venue)


The ACES opening party was far more than we expected.
Soon you can experience it again! Now in 3 different stages!

The second ACES is for all tech lovers. We are honored to have Format:B from Germany as our guest, who will be the Ace of Spades of wicked Tech House packed with feeling and energy.

The starter of the night will be Kari M who is experienced Ace from a well known club, Prima in Jyväskylä. Our Ace of Hearts Milla Lehto will end the night with her powerful and uplifting sound which makes people go wild on the dance floor!

At Panorama room we have two Aces. Niko Geselle who is an Ace from one of the best summer clubs, Mixxed.
Deeper sounds will be delivered by another female Ace of this night, K-Fold who is always a beauty to watch behind the decks.

As Playground will be relocated to the downstairs of the Venue in the beginning of August, we will combine the two clubs that night as one big party. At Playground you will find three Aces. Sebas who is the Ace from Vision Collective. He will start the night with his grooving sound. Followed by Playground Ace Flink who will deliver a rare b2b set with by a third female DJ of the night called Jekaterina, who is also resident Ace of Venue.

This is a night that you don't want to miss!

Aces is a new, strong and emotional club concept starting at Venue. Our goal is to bring here the hottest artists from the House music scene. Our Game Dealer is Milla Lehto who personally selects the Aces for every night. All the main artists are her favorites and have inspired not only her, but also her audience throughout the years on her gigs.

Aces is all about variations of the house music and emotions.

For those about to Dance we salute you!




FORMAT:B (Formatik, GER)

Milla Lehto (Aces, After Hours, Pussy Eau de Club)

Kari M (Prima)


Flink (Playground) b2b Jekaterina (Venue)

Sebas (Visions Collective)


Niko Geselle (Mixxed)




Saturday 1.9.2012 // 22:00-04:00 // Age 18


Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki


Door: 10€ before 23:00, after 12€


From Tiketti,

10€ + bf 1,2€ (total price 11,2€ + service fee)

VIP tickets (only 100 ticket for sale)
21,2 € including booking fee (+ service fee)

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue
-Special gift @ Venue (ask from ticket seller)
-No queuing at the afterparty entrance @ Playground (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)

SUPER VIP ticket only from email: [email protected]
550€ SUPER VIP for 10 people (only 1 table for sale)

SUPER VIP ticket includes:

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue and escorting to the table
-Table reserved for all night next to the stage
-1 bottle of Grey Goose Vodka + mixers, 2 bottles of sparkling wine
-No queuing at the afterparty entrance @ Playground (afterparty ticket is not included to the price)






Format:B bio

Format:B are Franziskus and Jakob. Jakob is a Berliner, from Kreuzberg to be exact. As all good parents do, his wanted him to play an instrument. After years of successfully dodging music lessons and his parents wishes, he finally at the subtle age of 15 decided that he desperately needed a bass guitar, which then through diligent practice manoeuvred him from hardcore bands to funk and jazz bands. But suddenly, there was a small problem: he liked Techno parties much better than rock concerts. So, as one does, he began buying the odd techno maxi here and there until one day little Jakob thought to himself: Why heck, I can do that too! So off he went and bought himself an overpriced Atari St40 and a cheap synthesizer, only to realize that oopsthose guys from Detroit really do know what theyre doing and that it wasnt that easy after all. Well, that is basically where Jacobs ambitiously planned out life suddenly took a screeching of the wheels turn in another direction. Franziskus is from Erfurt, a small and rural part of Germanys quite rough and wild East, which didnt stop him from starting piano lessons at the innocent age of 6. His musical interests took him from the usual suspects like Michael Jackson and The Pet Shop Boys through to Hardcore (obviously not on the piano). But then one day, or night to be exact similar to Jakob, all was to suddenly change.. A fortuitous night out at the legendary E-Werk in 1993, made this young mans heartbeat skip from Chopin over to a 4/4 beat where it was to remain, probably forever. Three years later Franziskus took up residency at the infamous Sub ground Lighthouse After hour, resulting in numerous further bookings. The paths of these two young men crossed whilst they were both studying to be sound engineers. Seeing as all the other students in there year were long haired Metal heads it was only a matter of time until their paths crossed. So, after spending a few long Berlin party nights together they decided to see if they could start a project together. And so the story ends or better yet, begins with Format:B.

After they were banging numerous hit-singles like "Vivian Wheeler", "Edding 850" and many others, they decided to found there own label Formatik Records in August 2009. In addition to that, they build up a new studio in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg to work on their second Album called “Restless”. Meanwhile they catched up a lot of brilliant Techno artists like Sébastien Léger, Hugo and Super Flu to work with. Super Flu were remixing the track “Gospel” - an outstanding Club hit, which finally brought Formatik Records to the ears of the world. As a consequence of their great success, Jakob and Franziskus were “forced” to play live on the whole planet. So they toured to Australia, Asia, USA and discovered their biggest fan-base in South America. In Berlin they found the Watergate Club as the best place to celebrate their own label nights.