2 UNLIMITED (Ray & Anita)

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If you stumbled into "techno" (as it was called then) or eurodance in the early 1990's, chances are that you first heard tracks like 'Get Ready For This', 'Twilight Zone', 'Magic Friend' or 'Workaholic'. They were the first of many smash hits by the amazing dance act 2 UNLIMITED, which went on to sell more than 18 million records worldwide.

What started as an underground rave project turned into an awesome example of dance pop domination. 'Get Ready For This' was first an instrumental rave hit, until 2 Unlimited found its performers in RAY SLIJNGAARD and ANITA DOTH, both 19 years young at the time. Their fresh vocals and dance performances gave charting "techno" its faces and made it easier for a lot of people to get into electronic dance music. Especially in the UK rave was deemed almost dangerous at that time, but Ray and Anita, two sexy and healthy looking youngsters from The Netherlands made it ok to air dance music on MTV and radios across Europe, and soon thereafter, the USA.

"No, no, no-no no, no... there's no limit!" went the smash hit single from their 2nd album. 'No Limit' is still probably the most recognizable and unforgettable dancefloor anthem of the 1990's, and it continued Ray & Anita's string of hits. So did 'Tribal Dance', 'Faces', 'Maximum Overdrive' from the same album, and 'The Real Thing', 'Jump For Joy', 'Do What's Good For Me' and 'Spread Your Love' later. The latter was to be their last single together as 2 Unlimited.

Disagreements about the future sound of 2U and the extensive touring made Ray & Anita split up in April 1996. Soon after, the producers took on new faces for the act, who failed to interest the DJ's and fans. The magic wasn't simply there with Ray and Anita now on their own paths. Worldwide onlin petitions for them to reunite with the producers failed, and it seemed like we'd never again get the chance to see them performing live, together... until January 2010.

Ray & Anita came back with the single 'In Da Name Of Love' and have since gone to perform to enthusiastic crowds of thousands. The latest massive gig with the pair was seen this spring in Belgium's awesome "I Love The 90's"-event, where they headlined and showed why they were the best in the business back in the day. They've still got it... and now is your chance to see it for yourself.

All the hits of 2 Unlimited + new material from RAY & ANITA will be heard LIVE in Seinäjoki's excellent CLUB ONNITEEKKI @ HOTEL SORSANPESÄ. The main stage will have DJ's playing 90's dance all night. If you liked it then, you're gonna love it now... join the party.