SEAN JOHNSTON (A Love From Outer Space, Hardway Bros / London)

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Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space, Hardway Bros / London), Magnus Blomkvist, Supersamuli


Sean Johnston might either be known to you from Hardway Bros or the DJ duo A Love From Outer Space with his partner in crime, Andrew Weatherall. His last visit to Helsinki was with Mr. Weatherall at the Flow festival last year where they played an amazing set.

Sean Johnston has been DJ'ing since his formative years in the frozen North. Acid House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Hardway Bros, Beard Scientist and Freelance Disco Consultant he has played at some of London's landmark clubs including The Promised Land, Sabre Sonic, Club UK, Final Frontier, Disco Bloodbath and was one of the founding residents at London Super Club Cable. He also plays regularly at Voyage Voyage in up and coming Berlin venue Salon Zur Wilden Renate. His productions, alongside fellow Hardway Bros, Jake Davies and a mysterious South Londoner known only as Rico have graced Sabres of Paradise, Third Mind, Flashcomm and more recently Beard Science, Pointless Edits, Aniligital, History Clock, Astrolab and cult Norwegian act Mungolian Jetset's label Luna Flicks.

Alongside Andrew Weatherall he runs and DJ's at A Love From Outer Space, a cult monthly residency at The Drop in North London. The night's manifesto is to never knowingly exceed 122bpm and is home to a multitude of genres including ambient, balearica, dub, krautrock, post punk, proto house, un-disco and other curiosities from the pair's extensive record collections.

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(A Love From Outer Space, Hardway Bros / London)

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