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Hampaankolo, Helsinki  
hard, oldskool, trance

Larry, Guardian and Pietari

Has the beast inside you
been lying dormant for
too long?

Well, have no fear
is here ! !

On Friday, March 13th 1998, it's
time to suit up in those latexy s/m
bondage thingies and head for
the Hampaankolo in Helsinki
(Kirkkokatu 2).

The masquerade starts at 10 P.M.
and we'll unchain you at 4 A.M.
(you hope).

DJs Larry, Guardian and Pietari
will provide the roar to rattle your
shackles (ACiD, tRanCe, nU-NRg).

If, however, s/m isn't your thing,
feel free to define decadence in
your own way.

We'll charge you 20 FIMs at the
door and make sure you're over
18 years of age, since this party
is not for teeny weenies.

This event is proffered to you by
SUB ry.

22 - 00 Larry (Acid, NU-NRG)
00 - 02 Guardian (Trance)
02 - 04 Pietari (NU-NRG)